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These days DIY culture is at a new high. Something wrong in your house? YouTube it and do it yourself to save a little money. Your car making odd noises? A quick Google search can tell you what is wrong so that you can fix it. While it may seem like a great idea to fix problems on your own, usually it turns into a disaster.

Ask any Mercedes repair shop that has to help a customer get their car back together once they get stuck or any home repair technician who walks into a mess in the kitchen. The simple truth is there is a reason that technicians go to school to learn their trade- most repairs are much more complex than any video makes them appear to be.

Every single vehicle has its own quirks and problems, and every single Mercedes auto repair issue is unique to the car it occurs in. While some seemingly simple repairs should be easy, all it takes is one thing to be off to create a mess if you don’t have the training to troubleshoot the issue. If you’re tempted to handle your Mercedes auto repair on your own, there are a few Mercedes auto repair tasks you should NEVER attempt to do yourself.

Instead of saving money, you will probably end up spending much more when you need a technician to correct your mistakes. Save yourself some money, stress, and time by simply heading to a Grapevine, TX import auto repair shop in the first place.


First of all, no matter what else you choose to do on your Mercedes, never attempt to repair anything related to your transmission. Don’t watch any videos, don’t google to find information on what is wrong with your transmission. Just take your car into a certified Mercedes auto repair shop and let them explore the issue. You should not even try to replace your transmission fluid on your own.

The major problem here is that your transmission is the most expensive component of your entire engine. If you cause any problems, small or large, you risk damaging your transmission permanently. In many cases, transmission repair is so costly that it is cheaper to purchase a new car overall compared to repairing the transmission. You don’t want to make a costly issue worse, and you don’t want to create a costly issue just to save a few bucks on a fluid change.


We get it, no one wants to pay a few hundred dollars to fix the damage a pebble caused in one second, but you should. There are a lot of kits available that promise to fix windshield cracks or chips, but none of them work. Usually what they do is fill in the hole that is left behind by a crack so that it is less noticeable to the naked eye.

However, just because you can’t see the crack anymore doesn’t mean that it isn’t there. Usually, if something hits your windshield enough for you to notice then it also has caused dozens of invisible cracks on your windshield as well. This damages the structural integrity of your windshield and can lead to larger damage that you don’t see coming as you are driving down the highway with large amounts of wind blowing against it.

If you have a crack or chip in your window that is large enough to notice then it is time to book Mercedes auto repair and have your windshield replaced. These days technicians can come to your home or place of work and replace your windshield while you work making it a very easy thing to take care of.


Your fuel pump is one small component of your vehicle that can easily destroy its ability to function if you make one mistake. While it doesn’t seem like a big deal, if you mess up your fuel pump your car is essentially totaled. If your Mercedes cannot properly utilize fuel then it is shot. A fuel pump requires precision tools and experience to change. It’s worth paying a professional to ensure that your car is going to live to see another day.


A lot of people, especially custom car aficionados think they should be able to upgrade their car system on their own. However, there are a lot of wires involved in the process, and if you miswire something you can easily cause an electrical short or fire in your car. You may not be that initiated by the process, but when you are listening to a song with more bass and discover that your blinkers no longer work you will wish you had just paid someone at a Mercedes auto repair shop to install it.


These days you can walk into any shop and purchase a small engine diagnostics tool, but this plug-in is pretty useless when you compare it to the engine diagnostics available at a Mercedes auto repair shop. It’s like comparing imagery of a simple x-ray to an MRI. Sure, sometimes the machine will help you get your check engine light to turn off, but running diagnostics alone will not actually fix the problem.

Instead, you need to book Mercedes auto repair in Grapevine, TX, and actually get to the bottom of what is causing your light to turn on so that you don’t have any lingering damage under your hood.

Does your Mercedes need attention in any of the areas mentioned above? Don’t waste your time trying to fix the problem on your own. Instead, book a Mercedes auto repair appointment at Import Car Center and let us take a look. Our trained technicians can get to the bottom of any issue quickly and accurately so that you can enjoy driving your car again.

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