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Your car runs and moves because of a transmission system, whether manual or automatic. In order to gain a better understanding of your car, you need to understand the overall systems and components of a car’s transmission system.

For that purpose, here is a handy guide to transmission systems in cars and their parts.


Most manual transmission systems can be found in older cars in Keller which have the key transmission component of the clutch. This controls the movement of the car and its wheels.

It is the single most important part of a manual transmission system that needs regular auto repair in Keller, TX maintenance in order for you to run your car safely and effectively.

So what are the main components of a car’s clutch or manual transmission system? Well, here a few key parts which need to be in top shape for your transmission system to work effectively and your car to keep running in great condition.


Flywheels are an important component of the clutch. This is located on the crankshaft in the transmission system and has a component that will control friction.

These components are often friction surfaces or friction discs that need to be attached or bolted to the exterior part of the flywheel. The flywheel is necessary for the transmission system and needs to work for as long as the engine keeps going.


Friction discs are placed on flywheels to stop the flywheels from failing or wearing down due to friction. Friction and heating can be bad for any part of the car but with flywheels, friction can be especially hazardous.

A number of friction discs can be installed in your flywheel or onto the driver shaft. These can have friction material that is graded as high in its coefficient of friction.


The pressure plate is an essential component of the clutch systems that puts pressure on the driven plates so that the driven plate works and runs effectively through the splined shaft in between the pressure plate and the flywheel.

The pressure plate is often located on the splined hub in a car’s transmission system and often has a friction disc.


Older cars in Keller, TX, come attached with spring and release levers in their manual transmission systems. These are diaphragm springs that help the friction discs in your clutch move.

The release levers will allow these springs to move in and out while they are aiding the movement of the friction discs.


In newer cars, there is often the automatic transmission system that will require less work or complexity in driving for the modern driver.

Almost all of the cars, would have automatic transmission systems that will need expert technicians for maintenance auto repairs in Keller, TX.

The parts of an automatic transmission system are increasingly sophisticated and rely on advanced technologies. Some of these parts are listed below.


Most automatic transmission systems work with sensors and computer controls that can sense throttle positions, speeds, and loads of the car’s engine and the car itself. The sensor will also take into account switch positions and maneuver the exact shifts and maintain their control.

The computer controls use sensors that are installed onto the engine and the transmission. They need regular inspections and auto repair in Keller, TXmaintenance to make sure they are running correctly.


The torque convertor is a newer kind of clutch. It uses the pump, turbine and stator to work the car. The pump, turbine and stator have funs that direct oil through the torque.

With the torque between the transmission and engine, the torque will allow the engine to run and work effectively even when you are at a stop. The torque converter is why your engine keeps running when you are at a red light or stop sign.


Hydraulic systems are important in controlling clutches, bands and planetary gears. The hydraulic system also sends essential fluids to the torque converter component through its transmission fluid.

The system works by treating its transmission fluid under pressure from the oil pump in the car’s transmission system.

Without a proper hydraulic system, your car will not have a working or safe transmission system. This can have repercussions, including expensive auto repair in Keller, TX needs for your car as well as road accidents.

This is why you should keep getting maintenance services from auto repair in Keller, TX.


Planetary gear sets are another key component of the automatic transmission system in cars. Planetary gear sets are mechanical components that deliver multiple ratios of gears. They provide the ratios of the forward and reverse gears, for instance. They are the reason your car moves forward or backward at all.

They often use several combinations of gears that are consistently engaged and do not need to be moved or shifted physically. Planetary gear sets are then extremely crucial for the workings of the car transmission system and need to be regularly maintained.

If you notice a problem with the shifting gears or car movement, you should have a competent auto repair service in Keller, TX, check out the transmission system and planetary gear sets.


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