The arrival of spring brings warmer temperatures, and is a time many persons choose to schedule annual maintenance on their vehicle. With summer approaching, ensuring a cooling system inspection and radiator service now can prevent breakdowns and potential damage to your vehicle. As part of the cooling system, a properly functioning radiator is a vital part of ensuring your vehicle’s engine does not overheat. Overheating can cause catastrophic damage to the engine, and the radiator. If your vehicle is overheating, or it has been a while since the cooling system and/or radiator has been serviced, visit Import Car Center for maintenance and/or European car auto repair in Grapevine, TX.

How it Works

Coolant circulates through the engine block where it picks up the heat generated by the process of combustion. The water pump pumps the coolant to the radiator where the heat is dispersed into the air.

A fan provides assistance to bring the superheated coolant’s temperature down to a safe range for operation. However, the coolant is still hot enough to scald you. Never remove a radiator cap on a hot car, as you can be seriously burned. Wait until it has had time to cool off to avoid injury, or contact Import Car Center for service. If you need radiator, or other automotive services, give us a call, we will be glad to help. We offer ASE certified mechanics who specialize in domestic, import, luxury and European cars. So whether you need routine maintenance, or repair, we have a specialist trained and experienced in your car. Not every shop offers European car auto repair in Grapevine, TX and we have the skilled mechanic you need.

Radiator Problems

Routine maintenance of the radiator and other cooling components helps to avoid problems and breakdowns. Common problems include:

  • A low coolant level is a common cause of overheating. Ideally, fluid levels should be checked weekly, but at least bi-weekly. In addition, check the hoses routinely for leakage, softening, tears or bulges. Also, ensure hose clamps are tight and secure.
  • Use of the recommended coolant is important. Check your owner’s manual for the recommended type of antifreeze and strictly adhere to it. Improper antifreeze can result in a number of problems, including undetected overheating in some cars, potentially resulting in an engine fire.
  • Over time, coolant can turn into a corrosive acid and cause damage to the cooling system, including the radiator. Check your vehicle’s owner’s manual for the recommended frequency of coolant changes, and schedule them as the manufacturer recommends. Regular coolant changes will prevent unnecessary problems with the cooling system. Our well trained mechanics can provide radiator service and/or the European car auto repair in Grapevine, TX that you need.
  • A stopped up radiator is typically due to infrequent coolant changes, and sometimes the use of the improper antifreeze. Mineral deposits are also a common cause. This is why the manufacturer typically recommends using distilled water with specific antifreeze. Selecting premixed is also an option, and eliminates the need to add water. A clogged radiator is unable to circulate the heated coolant, resulting in overheating of the engine. Once this occurs, flushing the radiator may not be adequate. Our certified mechanics can provide the European car auto repair in Grapevine, TX that you need.
  • Rust can form inside the steel engine, especially when it is primarily driven short distances. Coolant in the proper amount, type and with the recommended changes is the engine and the radiator’s best protection against rust.
  • The thermostat is a simple but an integral component of the cooling system. It can stick in the fully open or closed position, causing the car to either run hot, or to not achieve  normal operating temperature for some time after it is first started. It is common to change the thermostat when it is time for new radiator and heater hoses, or a new water pump. Import Car Center ASE certified mechanics can provide the European car auto repair & service in Grapevine, TX you require.
  • The water pump will eventually experience wear and fail. Keep a watch for coolant beneath your car, and low levels. Water pumps can also drop all your vehicle’s coolant overnight, so do not ignore checking the level for a car that refuses to start. Our mechanics can provide the reliable European car auto repair in Grapevine, TX that you require.

Our Radiator Services

Import Car Center offers the radiator service you require. Whether you need a routine coolant change, a professional flush of the radiator, repair or replacement, you can count on us for first quality automotive service and domestic, import or European car auto repair in Grapevine, TX.

Beat the rush, and schedule annual maintenance for your car. Remember, once the hot days of summer arrive, the chances of problems within the cooling system causing overheating, and potential damage to your car increase. Do not allow overdue service to leave you stranded with an overheated engine. Contact Import Car Center professionals today to schedule service.

You can rely on our cooling system repair for your vehicle, domestic, import or luxury car. Routine maintenance can eliminate most breakdowns, including the common cooling system failure. It is important to remember to pull off the road when overheating occurs and call for a tow. Import Car Center strives to maintain your vehicle in a safe and reliable condition through routine maintenance. Give us a call today to schedule radiator services or other European car auto repair in Grapevine, TX.

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