You’re all geared up for going to your office. You are looking forward to the day and have numerous plans in store for impressing your colleagues and manager, as you do every day. You sip your coffee, contemplating the thoughts of how good today would be. You suddenly look at your watch, and see that the minute mark is just 10 minutes away from striking the hour. You rush to your car, sit gracefully inside it, rev up the ignition and listen to the dying down cranks as your car fails to start. With time ticking past you, you might be influenced into either punching your steering or kicking your car, but that isn’t the right way to go forward. If you ever come across such a problem there are 3 things that you should think of. Firstly, the reasons behind why the car isn’t starting. Secondly, your car desperately needs an auto repair in Keller, TX. And lastly, how are you going to make it to work today?

Fortunately, we can help you through the first two confusions. Here we mention the reasons behind why your car isn’t starting in the morning. Have a look through them and recognize the need for an auto repair in Keller, TX at the earliest.


One of the most common reasons behind a car that is not starting in the morning is a dead battery. A battery can go dead because of a variety of reasons. You could have either left any of the lights running inside the car, or could have left one of the doors opened. In such cases, the emergency light drains all of the electricity in the battery, and when you do come out in the morning to start the car, you notice that there is not enough current present inside the battery to start it. The best way to rid yourself of such an occurrence is to have a proper check before you leave the car parked in the night. Don’t be in a hurry, as a couple of second won’t make you late. Check all the lights, and make sure that you close the doors correctly.

Besides this, a dead battery can also be a result of a poor battery that isn’t able to maintain the current anymore. In such cases you would need to opt for an expert auto repair facility in Keller, TX, to know more about what has gone wrong inside the battery, and whether you’ll have to replace it.


The sound coming from your car’s engine, when you rev up the ignition, would be the same for both battery and alternator trouble. In both the cases, you may experience a minor crank from the engine, which would dwindle over the passage of time. Do not ignore these noises and think that you can recharge your battery and be set for the time to come. Alternator troubles occur, if your car’s engine isn’t charging the battery correctly. So, regardless of how much you charge the battery, it would go down when you come out the next morning. Get an urgent auto repair in Keller, TX and have a seasoned auto electrician look over your car for more details of the problem.


While you experience a minor crank when it comes to battery troubles, there are times when the engine cranks perfectly fine, but doesn’t show any response. During these times, it is safe to say that there is something wrong with the fuel pump or the fuel inside your car. Some car owners who don’t check their fuel gauge regularly could just be out of gas. This is a common occurrence, which shouldn’t escape your eye. Car owners that don’t notice the fuel may run out of fuel, and they might not have an idea. Check the fuel gauge for once, and see whether there is fuel or not.

In cases where there is sufficient fuel, and the car cranks up well, but doesn’t start, you may be suffering from a problem in the car’s fuel pump. The fuel pump is an interesting mechanism. It takes the role of supplying fuel throughout the car, and ensures smooth running. Those who neglect the role of the fuel pump, often run the risk of experiencing occasional car troubles. If your car doesn’t start, despite having sufficient fuel and no battery troubles, then the problem may lie in the fuel pump relay. The relay may be preventing the fuel from reaching the engine or the carburetor, which may lead to the car not getting the required fuel for starting up. There might even be a leak or a disconnection somewhere across the line, in which case you would be losing fuel whenever you apply more pressure on the accelerator. Do not ignore these troubles and get an auto repair in Keller, TX as soon as possible. You don’t want this problem to persist, as it can lead to severe loss of time and fuel.


Frozen fuel lines are a major problem for car-owners living in areas with temperatures near or below the 0 degree Celsius mark. This occurrence isn’t as common here, but it still does exist, and you should get an auto repair in Keller, TX to address the issue.


It is easy for car owners to forget about the spark plugs, considering that their useful life is quite long. Spark plugs play an important role in ignition, so if you are experiencing problems with the car taking time to start, or not starting at all, then the problem might lie in the spark plugs. Have the spark plugs completely replaced, or have them properly serviced through an auto repair in Keller, TX.

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