The brakes in your car are an important safety tool that often prevent serious road accidents from occurring. Along with the driver’s ability to press the brake pedal on time, the condition of your car’s braking system is also very important. It takes a few seconds for the driver to press the brake pedal and stop the car but if the brake pedal isn’t working properly, the driver has to pay a huge price for it. To save yourself from facing such a dreadful situation, you must take your car for regular brake servicing to a reliable auto repair shop in Grapevine, TX.

The auto technician will check your car’s braking system for faults and ensure that your car has enough brake oil. Regular maintenance will make sure that your car’s brakes work perfectly and you don’t end up in an accident because of brake failure. All you need to do is look for a shop that provides reliable auto repair services in Grapevine, TX.

Brake failure is one of the most common reasons behind terrible road accidents. According to a report published by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), about 55% of accidents occur because of problems with the brake. Lack brake maintenance leads to risking the lives of many innocent people including the car passengers and other people affected by the accident. Auto repair experts in Grapevine, TX recommend that car owners must learn how their braking system works because it will help them identify when something goes wrong with their car braking system.


Brakes are present on all four wheels of the car and they are regulated through a hydraulic system in most of the cars today.

There are two types of brakes – disc brakes and drum brakes. Disc brakes are used in most modern cars while drum brakes were used in older cars. Some modern small cars use drum brakes as well. A drum brake – as the name suggests has a small drum that rotates along with the wheels and when the brake pedal is pressed, the drum shoes make the car come to a halt. On the other hand, disc brakes are attached to the wheels through a rotor that spins along with the wheels. When the brake pedal is pushed, the brake pad presses against the brake disc and cause the car to stop.

Disc brakes are much better as compared to drum brakes because they make the car stop faster. Although they are a bit pricey, they provide much better security as compared to drum brakes. If you don’t know which type of brakes is installed in your car, take your car to an auto repair shop in Grapevine, TX. The expert technicians present there will inspect the wheels of your car and identify which type of brakes are installed. If you wish to get your brakes changed, ask the technician to replace your brakes with new ones.


Car owners tend to ignore warning signs that their car keeps on showing and end up in serious road accidents because of problems such as brake failure. To save yourself from ending up in a terrible accident on the road, you must take your car for auto repair in Grapevine, TX as soon as your car displays signs of underlying car problems. You can tell that your car needs a brake service by watching out for the following signs:


If you notice that your car vibrates unusually when you apply the brakes in your car, take it for professional auto repair in Grapevine, TX immediately. Unusual shaking indicates that the braking system of your car needs to be repaired. Ignoring this issue will result in further damage to the brakes of your car and will risk your safety.


Do you hear unusual sounds coming from your car while applying the brakes? If yes, then you need to get your brake pads checked. Worn out brake pads make grinding sounds when the brake pedal is pushed. The brake pads deteriorate with daily usage so it’s best to replace them regularly to avoid these unusual grinding sounds. All you need to do is take your car for auto repair inGrapevine, TX. The expert technicians will tell you how often you need to change your brake pads for the smooth functioning of your car braking system.


This might seem like an alignment issue to you but if your car only moves in another direction while applying the brakes, it means that there is something wrong with them. Usually, this problem occurs because of worn out brake pads. If you’re facing this problem, take your car for auto repair in Grapevine, TX. The technician will inspect your brake pads and replace them with new ones.


Picture this: you’re driving on a straight road and you push the brake pedal but your car doesn’t slow down at all. You press the brake pedal again but nothing happens. What will you do?

First and foremost, you need to keep calm during such situations. If you panic, the people sitting in your car will panic as well and you’ll probably end up bumping your car in a tree. Push the brake pedal a couple of times and you’ll see that your brakes have started working. If they don’t, shift to a lower gear and steer your car to the side of the road. Use the horn and the hazard lights to alert other drivers that there is a problem with your car. After your car has decelerated to a low speed, use the handbrake to stop your car. Applying the handbrake to a moving car will cause it to skid so you need to be prepared for that.

After your car successfully comes to a halt, call the emergency service to tow your car and take it to an auto repair shop in Grapevine, TX. For your regular car maintenance as well as emergency repairs, you can take your car to the professionals at Import Car Center. They are highly experienced and know how to solve all kinds of automotive problems. Click here to visit their website and have a look at their services or give them a call at (817) 481-5665.

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