For your Volvo to run as well as the manufacturer intended, the engine has to be in tip-top shape. The motor mount is responsible for securing the engine to the chassis of the car, preventing it from moving around in the engine bay. So when the motor mount fails in your Volvo, you may have a potential problem on your hands that may prove expensive to fix in the long run.

Causes of Motor Mount Failure

The main culprit when it comes to the motor mount of your Volvo failing is wear and tear that happens over time. Your car’s motor mount is made of 2 materials; metal and rubber. Volvo uses metal so that the motor mount can handle the force that comes from the engine running. The rubber serves the purpose of absorbing vibrations from the engine. This makes it impossible for the vibrations from the engine to reach the cabin.

What this means is that when the motor mount in your Volvo fails, you’ll notice a few changes in your driving experience. Below are some of these signs:

Excessive Vibrations

Because the motor mount absorbs the vibrations from the process of the engine running, when it fails, it will not be able to absorb these vibrations. The rubber bits that absorb the vibrations often deteriorate over time and with heat from the engine. This causes engine vibrations to be distributed throughout the rest of the car, which results in the whole car vibrating excessively.

Unusual Noises

Odd noises will occur due to the impact of the engine knocking against the point at which it’s attached to the car’s chassis. This happens when the motor mount bits break down and it’s unable to secure the engine to the car’s chassis. The force from the running engine coupled with vibrations will cause the engine to knock against the chassis, producing clunking noises. This is a dangerous situation that can do extensive damage to your engine, so pull over and have your car towed to our shop.

Rough Idling

This is another potential sign that your Volvo’s motor mount is broken. You’ll notice that your car will have excessive vibrations when idling. These vibrations will be more pronounced if you hold down the brakes and apply throttle. Remember, rough idling can be a sign of several other problems in your car. You should get the professional opinion of a Volvo specialist to isolate the cause of the rough idling.

Misaligned Engine

As part of securing the engine to the chassis of your car, the motor mount also ensures the proper alignment of the engine in the engine bay. This it does by making sure that the engine is at a level height at all times. So when the motor mount fails, the engine will lean to one side. If this is left unchecked too long it might expose your engine to extensive damage.

Effects of Motor Mount Failure

One major effect of motor mount failure is that it can cause engine damage. When the motor mount fails completely and leaves no section of the engine secured to the chassis, the engine will be able to move around inside the engine bay. This is extremely damaging for smaller components connected to the engine, transmission, suspension, etc., that ensures the proper function of the car. The radiator hose, for instance, may end up torn, warped, and damaged.

Additionally, motor mount failure can also lead to safety issues both for you and other road users. This happens when small components begin to scatter at high speeds, possibly right through your hood and into traffic, due to the excessive forces from a freely-rotating engine.

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