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An engine is the most vital component of a car. If there is a problem in an engine, the whole car might shut down or cause a fire hazard. This is why every car owner in Southlake, TX, should know what can possibly go wrong in a car engine and know when to take the car into the auto repair shop in Southlake, TX.

So what can go wrong in an engine? Well, here are some examples.


One of the problems in the engine could be a loose gas cap. At times, this can go missing as well. Don’t worry, this is one of the cheapest things to fix and replace even if it is important to your car’s engine. If you notice a gas cap problem you should fix it to prevent your gas mileage from reducing.


A spark plug is another component of your engine system that is extremely important. It is used to make your car move forward and can ignite compressed gas in the engine.

When a spark plug wears out, it can cause ineffective igniting and can even mess up the entire compression process. If the plug misfires, your engine and gas mileage can be severely affected and need auto repair in Southlake, TX.


If your radiator gets clogs due to sediment, your engine might get overheated and need auto repair. The sediment and clogging can often come from ineffective and dirty coolants that might cause your radiator to become problematic and corroded.


If you lose out on the coolant due to technical problems, you can also get engine overheating. Constant and frequent overheating can cause permanent damage in most car engines and as a result, overheating should be avoided at all costs through consistent auto repair in Southlake, TX. 


In cars, fuel and air need to be completely and appropriately compressed. If this does not occur, the entire combustion process in an engine can go haywire. Compression issues can arise because of the following reasons:

  • Wearing down of piston rings
  • Valves are imperfectly sealed
  • Holes in the cylinder causing air leaks


Your oxygen sensor is a useful tool that lets you know the amount of oxygen that needs to burn out in the exhaust system of your car and also lets you know the amount of gas in the gas tank.

If you have trouble with the oxygen sensor, you may not know about the gas or oxygen levels left and your gas mileage will be affected again.


Spark knock combustion comes about through the excess pressure and heat in your car’s combustion chamber that causes distinct noises to sound out. If you hear pinging or metallic knocking coming from your combustion chamber, it’s a safe bet that it’s a spark knock issue.

The detonation in your combustion chamber can be delayed because of this. Other than that, hard knocks can cause damage to rod bearings, pistons, piston ring grooves, and head gaskets. If you get constant knocking, you should probably get to an expert auto repair facility in Southlake right away.


One of the main issues in an engine has to do with oil. If you have oil spilled onto engine components like spark plugs, combustion chambers and intake valves, you might have a problem.

The components of an engine can be damaged if oil starts to accumulate on them. Other oil problems include missing or clogged oil filter that might be causing the oil spillage onto engine parts.

Other than oil, oil pumps that are breaking down can cause oil problems and engine damage. These hardware problems, along with the quality and viscosity of oil must be properly maintained and inspected by a proper auto repair in Southlake.


Along with oil, your car runs on lubrication. A lot of metallic parts move against each other to produce motion and energy in your car and need lubrication in order to avoid heating through friction.

This process requires you to regularly check and receive proper oil changes to make sure your car is in running condition. If you do not do this, your car parts can seize up and become permanently damaged.

You should have your car checked by an auto repair in Southlake if you see the oil levels are low since this could also indicate a leak or burning process.


If you have inadequate fuel or air, you might have low or no fuel. If your fuel is empty, you need to go replenish your supplies from a Southlake station.

However if there are bad air or fuel mixing in the system, you will need to check if the car’s air intake is working well otherwise you will have engine problems.


The most serious issue in an engine has to be the engine blowing out. This is the most permanent type of damage that will require completely replacing the engine or overhauling it to make it brand new. The reasons for engines blowing out are permanently damaged parts in the engine.

If you are getting overheating in your car, leaking coolants in your engines and have white smoke blowing out from your exhaust pipes or tubes, it’s very likely you have a blown engine.


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