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A car transmission system is an intricate, complicated mechanical system that is very essential for the running of your car. It essentially is the system that applies power from your engines to the driveshaft, meaning it is the reason your car runs.

Transmission systems are made up of parts that are constantly moving, rubbing against each other and this can sometimes lead to a lot of friction. This can translate into frequent breakdowns in the individual parts as well as the entire systems in car.

This is why transmission systems often tend to require the most repairs, maintenance and checkups and need to be replaced often for the safety of Grapevine cars.


You should get immediate transmission repairs because transmission systems can cause problems in other parts of your car and cause further repair, maintenance and replacements costs to increase.

If the transmission system gets further damaged from a simple problem like a leak, it might take a lot more money and a lot more time to fix. This might end up costing you a lot in terms of real money for the repairs as well as opportunities lost for travel to work and leisure activities in Grapevine.

If you continue to ignore signs of transmission trouble, you might need a whole new transmission system altogether. This can be highly expensive, especially for regular folk in Grapevine, TX.

This is why it is often recommended that you get your transmission system to an expert auto repair shop in Grapevine, TX at the first sign of trouble so that your overall auto repair and replacement costs are low.


So what can go wrong in a transmission system? Well, here are some examples.


Your transmission system can have problems with fluids where the fluids can either seem burnt or they can be dirty.

If you are examining your car and notice these signs in your transmission fluid, you should get them replaced by an auto repair in Grapevine, TX. You should, in fact, examine your transmission fluid from time to time to ensure that you do not miss this.

A rule of thumb, for those who are not familiar with automotive jargon, is that the transmission system should ideally be transparent and pink/red. If you do not see this color and see dirtiness or brown fluid, you need to get new fluid immediately.


The color of the transmission fluid is not the only fluid problem you can have. If you have low fluid levels, it can cause the car to perform poorly and even cause failure.

Here are some signs that your fluid levels are low:

  1. Your car transmission is slipping.
  2. Your car is shaking.
  3. You are having trouble with shifting the car.
  4. You notice that the car is overheating.
  5. You notice that the car and the transmission system are not working at all.

To make sure you have adequate fluid levels in your transmission system, you are going to need to check it yourself with a transmission dipstick or have a professional auto repair in Grapevine, TX check it out.

Going to an auto repair in Grapevine is probably your best bet because they will be able to check the transmission professionally and make sure there are no other problems. They will be able to see if you have transmission leaks, for instance, and perform the appropriate maintenance work.

The auto repair in Grapevine will be able to add the right ATF to your transmission to replenish the fluid levels, as well.


Transmission leaks can be a very serious problem. They can occur because there are possible gaps or cracks located in the transmission system.

You should probably get an auto repair in Grapevine to go and see if the transmission system is leaking from either of the following common places:

  1. Seals in the transmission system.
  2. Transmission lines that are breaking down.
  3. Loose pans in the transmission system.
  4. Gaskets in the transmission system that are breaking down.

Your auto repair in Grapevine, TX will check and know where to replace or repair the leaking parts. If you have a leak, however, you should get immediate repairs and maintenance because leaking will lead to fluid problems.


If you have a transmission system that seems to be overheating, you should get immediate help. This is because the heating will impact the transmission’s longevity and efficiency, at times causing problems in functioning and breakdowns as well.

It is wise to consult with a professional in this case because you might miss it if the transmission is overheating. However, a great indicator can be fluid levels and quality. If there is low fluid that is burnt or dirty, you probably have an overheating transmission system.


Another transmission problem can be slipping. This is usually indicated by the engine not revving or accelerating. This can be caused by problems in fluids, clutch discs, gears and even solenoids.

Slipping can cause problems in clutches, causing them to wear down. When a transmission starts to slip, it’s probably not smart to start driving around Grapevine since it can cause accidents.


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