The BMW brand is known for its forward-thinking technology and sleek and sporty designs. When you drive your BMW vehicle, rest assured you’re driving one of the most efficient and sought-after car brands on the market today.

If you’re the owner of an older BMW with a lot of miles on it, you may face a problem that can arise as a faulty HVAC blower. Let’s discuss the purpose of the HVAC blower in your BMW, signs of HVAC blower failure, causes of HVAC blower failure, and what to do when your HVAC blower is on the fritz.

The Purpose of the HVAC Blower in Your BMW

Your vehicle is equipped with an HVAC blower motor, which is responsible for blowing out heat when using your car’s heater, and cool air when using its air conditioner. Heat or cold air is ventilated into your vehicle as controlled by the knobs on your vehicle’s climate control unit on the dashboard.

Without the HVAC blower working in proper order, you cannot use heater or air conditioning in your vehicle, which could make for a miserable and unbearable ride, depending on the weather in your area on any given day.

Whether you’re driving an older vehicle or a newer model, routine maintenance is critical to stop HVAC blower failure in its tracks, before you end up stuck driving without air conditioning on a hot day.

Signs of HVAC Blower Failure in Your BMW

The below are strong indications of HVAC blower failure you don’t want to ignore. If you experience any of the following signs, take your car in to your trusted BMW mechanic for diagnosis and repair. Ignoring the problem will only lead to complete HVAC blower failure and leave you stuck driving your car in sweltering heat or freezing cold temperatures. Also, the longer the problem persists, the more damage it does to related components of your blower system, which means unnecessarily spending extra money on repairs.

  • Poor Air Flow: If you drive your car on a hot summer’s day only to discover diminished air flow coming from your vents, your vehicle may be experiencing HVAC blower failure. You know the strength of your vehicle’s airflow normally, so if you sense it is off, it’s time to get it checked out.
  • Complete Lack of Airflow: Quite possibly the most obvious sign of HVAC blower failure, if no hot or cold air emits from the vents in your vehicle, there’s definitely a problem with your HVAC blower system.
  • Inefficient Air Temperature: If you’re blasting the air conditioner on a hot day and your car just isn’t cooling off as it normally does, or your car isn’t heating with the heater on full blast, your HVAC blower may be to blame.

Causes of HVAC Blower Failure

There are two primary causes of HVAC blower failure in BMW’s, which are known for experiencing HVAC blower problems more frequently than other vehicles:

  • Vehicle Aging and Wear-and-Tear: It happens to the best of vehicles. Some HVAC blower problems arise from normal vehicle aging and wear and tear that accumulates over time. This is why preventative maintenance & proper care of your vehicle can stop problems from occurring before they actually do.
  • Malfunctioning Relay Components: Your vehicle’s HVAC blower is made up of many technical parts, and if one of them isn’t working properly, it can cause failure in your whole blower system. Electrical pieces that help the system communicate can fail, leaving your blower working improperly or not at all. Oftentimes, a burnt-out blower motor is the culprit, or a short in the electrical wiring or control modules.

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