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During the winter, it’s common for potholes to show up on the road as cooler temperatures become more of the norm in and around Grapevine, TX. But as potholes begin to make their presence, they can really wreak havoc with your vehicle and cause your car to need auto repair long before you’d like to schedule it.

Specifically, potholes on the road can knock your car out of alignment, and when your car’s wheels are out of alignment, your tires will wear unevenly. Not only does that lead you to an expensive tire purchase before you’re ready to make it, but worn out wheels quickly become unsafe to drive on, which is the last thing you want during the winter. Before you start sliding on the road on a wet day, be sure to pay attention to your vehicle by picking up on these signs that it’s time for a wheel alignment in Grapevine, TX!


When you’ve got a vibrating steering wheel, it’s a sure sign that auto repair is in your immediate future. However, knowing the type of repair that you need isn’t always as clear. You might need to have your tires properly rebalanced, or you might need to have your wheels realigned in order to get your steering to work the way it should again.

The difference between needing a tire rebalancing and a wheel alignment is determined by whether the problem is with weight or with how your tires are hitting the road. If your tires have more weight on one side than the other, you’ll need to have the tires balanced. If the suspension is where the problem lies, the solution is a wheel alignment. In either case, it’s not something that you can figure out on your own unless you really understand cars well, so you should visit with an auto repair specialist who can diagnose the problem and properly fix it.


The steering wheel moves constantly while you’re driving, so how can it be crooked? Simple: the wheel shouldn’t be moving while you’re going straight. If you’re constantly having to overcorrect in order to keep the wheel straight in your hands while you’re traveling on a straight road, you’re likely in need of an auto repair that includes a wheel alignment.

Remember, a crooked steering wheel isn’t the same thing as a bent or crooked wheel. That’s an entirely different kind of repair that can come with hitting a pothole, and it almost always requires you to have the wheel replaced. But in the case of a crooked steering wheel, you’ll usually be fine with taking your car to an experienced auto repair shop in Grapevine, TX that you trust.


Noise shouldn’t be coming from your tires. In fact, with modern cars, noise usually shouldn’t be coming from your vehicle at all, unless your speakers are faking it. So with that said, if you find your tires squealing while you’re trying to turn, that’s a sure sign that something is wrong with your wheels.

In a situation like this, it’s important to check the tires first before you make a decision on what kind of repair will be needed to remedy the problem. If you don’t see any issues with your tires, such as uneven wear or your tires being nearly bald, that means the problem is with your wheels, and that’s not something that you can wait on. Be sure to get your vehicle to someone you trust who can fix the problem.


Uneven tire wear might be a problem that comes with squealing tires, but it’s also a problem that comes on its own from the vehicle being out of alignment. Ideally, your front tires should wear at one pace and your back tires should wear at a faster pace, which is why you need to rotate your tires often to ensure that all four tires wear down at roughly the same pace over time. But when your tires are out of alignment, they will start to wear out at an uneven pace. If one tire is starting to wear down faster than the others – especially if it’s wearing down faster than the other front or back tire, you’ve got an alignment problem and you need to call in an auto repair specialist to address the issue immediately.


The biggest reason to call in the specialist at Import Car Center in Grapevine, TX when you’re dealing with wheel alignment problems is the wear and tear on your car. Over time, your car might start to pull in one direction – another sign that you need to bring your car to an auto repair expert to fix the problem – which can lead you to overcorrect your steering and make it more likely that you’ll be involved in an accident.

Even if you don’t end up in a car accident, you will find yourself losing money to lower gas mileage if you choose not to bring your car to an auto repair expert. That’s because part of your fuel economy is determined by the weight on your wheels and how well they grip the road. If your car is driving out of alignment, your costs for gas will eventually rise, and that’s before factoring in the cost of an auto repair.


The easiest way to avoid wheel alignment problems is to be careful on the road and routinely bring your car in for proper maintenance services. Listening to and looking at your vehicle are also a critical part of avoiding wheel alignment issues and providing proper auto repair when necessary, because noises are one of the biggest signs up a problem in cars.

When it comes to driving in the winter, it’s important to watch out for debris on the road at all times. Be safe on the road and get to where you’re going safely!

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