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The sound of a roaring engine can result in an adrenaline rush for many. However, unusual sounds coming from the engine can make any driver’s heart sink. It is necessary that you pay attention to any signs and symptoms that your engine may present, which indicates that your car needs repair.

Timely repairs can save you a lot of time, trouble, and money, but if not addressed on time, minor auto problems can become huge ones. It is important that you keep your eyes and ears open so that any signs that you need to take your car for auto repair in the Grapevine, TX area do not go unnoticed and no car troubles remain unattended.

The list of signs that will indicate the need for auto repair has been listed down below so that you know when the right time is to hit the auto workshop!


One of the most prominent signs that indicate that your car needs to be taken for auto repair is a grinding sound that is heard every time you hit the brakes. This noise is produced when the metal casing of pads rub against the metal rotor. This not only produces an audible sound but also reduces the efficiency of breaks when it comes to slowing down your car.


A car produces exhaust fumes – that’s just part and parcel of a combustion engine. However, if you observe excessive exhaust smoke, it is a sign that there is a prevailing engine problem that needs to be fixed. When you see that your car is producing more exhaust smoke than it usually does, you should take your car for auto repair. The professional can tell what the problem is mostly by the color of the fumes being generated.

If the exhaust smoke is blue in color, there is a high probability that there is an oil leak inside the motor. If there is an oil leak, your vehicle may be starved of oil, resulting in major engine damage. Black-colored exhaust indicates that your engine is burning excessive gasoline which not only decreases the mileage but also causes problems inside the engine. A puffy, white-colored smoke indicates a leak in the cooling system that is resulting in the burning of the coolant.

Whatever the color the exhaust fumes are, if you notice increased exhaust generation, auto repair in the Grapevine, TX area is in order.


If you feel that the mileage of your vehicle has reduced or if you observe that your vehicle is not picking up speed quickly, you should be alarmed. These signs indicate decreased engine performance, which can occur due to a number of reasons. In such a situation, you should consider getting repair immediately.


If you hear a knocking sound that is coming from under the hood, it should raise red flags. The knocking sound is produced when the engine bearings get worn out. If this issue is not fixed on time, you may need to get the engine rebuilt completely. To make sure the problem is not worsened to that extent, take your car to a specialist that deals in auto repairs immediately when you start hearing these noises.


The illumination of check engine light can be an indication of a number of problems with your engine. If it is turned on, you should take your car to a professional mechanic without any delays so that a professional can inspect and diagnose the underlying cause. As mentioned earlier, the engine is the heart of a vehicle, and if it is not working with 100% efficiency, the overall performance of your vehicle will be greatly reduced.


Have you noticed the presence of unusual noises coming from the engine upon acceleration? Such noises are the result of a possible exhaust leak. This is not just dangerous and hazardous for your vehicle but also for you. Avoid taking any risks and take your car for auto repair right away!


A car consists of different systems that run on different types of fluids. They are important to run a vehicle efficiently and safely. However, these fluids may leak, which affects the efficiency of the car and puts your safety at risk. If you see any fluids dripping or leaking from your car, you should take it for repair to get the issue fixed.


You don’t just have to keep your eyes and ears open for car trouble signs, but you should keep your nose open too. The occurrence of odd smells is another indication of car-related problems and calls for auto repair.

If you smell a sweet, maple-like smell, it means the coolant of your car is probably leaking. A gym-bag like odor indicates the growth of mold in the heater or AC vents, and a burning paper smell calls for clutch repair. Getting these issues fixed on time will save you the trouble of getting major issues fixed.

A vehicle does not break down all of a sudden. It is always due to an underlying issue that went unidentified. If you wish to save yourself the car-breakdown trouble and save money that would go in it, getting regular car inspection and addressing all issues (regardless of how small they are) will help you a great deal.

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