Transmission is one of the most important mechanical components of an automobile. It is a pretty complex equipment that is full of mechanical gears and many other essential parts that help in driving the car. Due to this complexity, the transmission repair is termed as the toughest repair job in mechanical repairs of an automobile. It is so difficult sometimes that many customers choose to replace the entire transmission instead of waiting for the current one to get repaired.

If you think that replacing the transmission was easy, then you are wrong again. It might be easier than repairing, but it still is one of the most difficult tasks when it comes to automobile repair. So before you decide to take any steps regarding transmission consult a professional by taking your car to a good auto repair shop in Colleyville, TX.

Here are some of the signs that might indicate that you have a failing transmission in your car:


This problem is quite common with cars that have manual transmission or as most people like to call it here in the U.S., ‘stick shift. Although manual transmission in modern cars is fading away slowly, there are people out there who prefer it over the automatic.

Despite the love that manual transmissions receive, they are just an expose mechanical part of the transmission that can be broken easily. One of the most common problems that occur in a car with a stick shift is its refusal to into a certain gear. Usually it’s the first gear that car has trouble going in when in a standstill. The main causes of this problem can be a low transmission fluid or misplaced shifting cables. So get your car thoroughly inspected by taking it to the best auto repair in Colleyville, TX.


Transmission fluid is used for keeping all the inside moving parts properly lubricated and working efficiently. The transmission fluid has a very distinctive, ‘sweet’ smell, and if you have ever smelt it before, then you can recognize it anywhere. So if you smell this sweet odor as well as a slight burning smell, then it is an indication that the transmission is overheating.

Some of the modern cars have a separate cooling system for their transmission. If your does not have it, then overheating can occur through incredibly careless and rough gear shifting. Another cause for transmission overheating could be the low level of transmission fluid. In any case, you need to get your car checked at a good auto repair shop in Colleyville, TX.


There are different kinds of transmission in vehicles that are built by different manufacturers. It is possible that the car you own usually makes weird noise during gearshifts. This is normal in most vehicles and you will get used to it after sometime.

However, if you hear that sound when your gear is in neutral, then that is weird. Usually this occurrence of noise in neutral indicates a small issue, such as the lack of transmission fluid. However, in rare cases it can also mean that some of the parts inside the transmission might have worn out or even broken. This could lead to an expensive and time-consuming repair, so it is better to get an accurate diagnosis through a good auto repair shop in Colleyville, TX.


A transmission is also responsible for keeping the vehicle in the designated gear, which is set by the driver or computer. A normal functioning transmission never lets the gear slip out of its designated position, so if you notice your car slipping gears and getting back into neutral, then there’s certainly something wrong with the transmission.

Gear slipping can be a really serious problem as it can occur while the car is on the move as well. So if you notice any gear slippage, then immediately take your car for a thorough inspection at the best auto repair in Colleyville, TX.


This problem is specifically for cars that have three pedals and a stick shift. The dragging clutch problem occurs when the driver presses down on the clutch pedal, so that they can change the gear, but the gear does not shift. The common cause of clutch dragging is a misplaced clutch, which keeps on spinning with the engine and refuses to disengage.

The good news is that this problem usually isn’t that complex or expensive to get fixed. Sometimes it requires just fixing the clutch pedal, the clutch cable, or even the linkage between the clutch disk and the clutch pedal. Take your car to the best auto repair in Colleyville, TXto get it fixed in order to avoid any mishaps in future.


All kinds of fluid leaks are bad for your car but if the transmission fluid is leaking, then you should really be worried. It is very important to regularly check the level and quality of transmission fluid in your car. Checking the fluid is incredibly easy in automatic vehicles. All you have to do is open the lid and examine the fluid from the dipstick. Make sure the fluid is bright red in color and that the level is also normal.

Unlike the engine, transmission does not burn its fluid, which is why it stays in its original state for quite a while. So if you notice the oil getting darker and smelling like its burnt, then it’s clear indication of an overheating transmission. Also, if you notice a drop in the fluid level, then it confirms that there is a leak. In any of these situations, you need to take your car for a professional inspection. Find the best auto repair in Colleyville, TX, and get all these issues sorted immediately.

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