In today’s world, cars have become an essential part of our lives. So much so that it’s now nearly impossible to think about the world without vehicles. Despite this huge impact of cars in our lives, they don’t get the love and appreciation that they deserve from some people. While a segment of society sees cars as part of their families, others see it as a comfortable metal box with wheels that transport them.

It doesn’t matter how you see your car but one thing is for sure they are still expensive things and if not looked after properly they can cost you more of your wealth. Import Car Center recommends you to get your car checked at auto repair in Colleyville, TX regularly.

Regular checks help your car remain healthy and save you a lot of money. However some problems still may occur as cars are created by human beings so they are not perfect. Here are some of the signs that should be considered as a warning to get you car checked at auto repair in Colleyville, TX:

Strange Noises

If your car is a little bit old then it is highly likely that you’ll hear some strange noises from it after sometime. These different kinds of squeaks, rattles and knocking sounds should immediately help you understand where and what is wrong.

Here is what some of those strange noises can possibly tell you:


There are two different types of high pitched squeaking sounds that you need to distinguish carefully. One is when you brake hard and hear squeaks that obviously mean you need to get your brakes examined. Other one is when you drive over small bumps on the road and hear squeaking then that means your car’s suspension needs attention. It can also mean that you need to get auto repair in Colleyville, TX to install new bushings which might also be the cause of the squeaks.


Rattling noise from under your car is another warning that you need to take it to auto repair in Colleyville, TX as soon as possible. Most of the rattling noise means that your car probably has some loose parts hanging around underneath it. This is mostly caused by carelessly driving over huge potholes and damaging the components underneath. In most cases the noise is caused by a hanging exhaust system but you need to get it checked by an expert to find out the actual reason.


This is probably the most worrying noise of them all. If you ever hear a knocking sound directly from the engine then this means there is a problem in the engine valve. It can also mean that a cylinder head needs some work. Head over to auto repair in Colleyville, TX to get your engine inspected by an expert and get it repaired before it gets worse.

Fluid Leaks

A single car comprises of many different types of fluids. If there are fluids leaking out of your car then you need to check for these signs to identify the root:

Brake Fluid

If you notice your brake pedal getting softer than usual while you press it than this is a sign that your brake fluid is leaking. Another sign is if you notice a fluid dripping over your wheels despite driving on a dry road then that’s definitely your brake fluid leak.

Coolant Leak

Coolant leak is not easy to spot as it mostly happens while the car is in running mode. You can notice it by keeping an eye on your temperature gauge. If the engine gets hotter than usual then it most likely means that you coolant is leaking. Regular auto repair checks in Colleyville, TX will make sure all your fluids are always topped up.

Others leaks can be oil, power steering fluid, fuel or even transmission fluid. Regular checks and service of the car will prevent such leaks from your car.

Smokey Tail Pipe

If your exhaust pipe is breathing heavy visible smoke then this problem is something you shouldn’t ignore. Most people ignore it by telling themselves that combustion engines are supposed to generate smoke. This is not true. Engines nowadays are so efficiently built that they are not supposed to spit out visible smoke.

There are four different types of smoke that you can distinguish easily and also diagnose the problem just by their color.

Black Smoke

If the smoke color is black then the problem can be diagnosed via engine type. If the engine is gasoline powered than it means your car is burning more fuel than it should. If the engine is diesel powered than it means there is a clog in the combustion process of the engine and you should get it checked immediately.

Grey Smoke

If the smoke coming out is of grey color, than it means that a cylinder head is broken inside the engine. Another diagnose is that the engine has started burning the coolant. Simple tip, to check it is to let your car cool down and then check the coolant for oil traces. If there is oil in the coolant then you need to take your car to auto repair in Colleyville, TX as soon as possible.

Blue Smoke

Blue smoke indicates that your engine is burning oil. This is an expensive repair as you will have to change piston rings of the engine. Auto repair in Colleyville, TX has skilled mechanics that will efficiently change the piston rings and guarantee no problem in the future.

White Smoke

White smoke simply indicates that your cylinder head gasket needs to be replaced. The fault in the gasket causes engine to send water in exhaust system hence the misty white smoke.

Regular Checks can prevent all problems

Getting your car serviced and checked thoroughly every month can prevent all the above mentioned problems. We at Import Car Center offer the best auto repair in Colleyville, TX. Our teams of highly trained mechanics provide the best service in town and always make sure to keep you car healthy and running without any problems.


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