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If you’ve owned a car for any length of time you know that there are all kinds of reasons that it could need auto repair. And you definitely know that auto repair can be expensive, right? So, what do you do to make sure that you don’t need to spend that money? The truth is, there’s nothing you can do to prevent all types of repair work from being needed. But there are some things that you can do to make sure that you’re on the right track toward cutting your needs in Grapevine, TX.


You’ll generally go to an auto repair shop to change your oil but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t check it yourself. Make sure that you’re checking the oil every month or every couple weeks, especially if you have an older vehicle. If you notice that your vehicle seems to go through a lot of oil in just a couple weeks you should be checking it weekly (after you take it to a repair shop and try to find out why it’s going through so much oil).


Other fluids that you can check include the transmission fluid and brake fluid. These are things that shouldn’t be going low between check-ups, so if you notice that they are low you will want to get these things checked out by a professional repair shop right away. If you get them taken care of right away they won’t become as much of an issue in the long run and you’ll definitely be better prepared for the cost of the auto repair as well. Talk with your technician to find out the specific levels your fluids should be at.


If you notice that your tires are flat then they definitely need air, but chances are they’re far too low at that point. Instead, you should be keeping an eye on the tires at all times and checking them if you think they seem even a slight bit low. Your auto repair shop should check your tires when they do an oil change and other types of maintenance so they can make sure that the pressure doesn’t get too low as well. Checking pressure infrequently is usually enough unless you have old tires with a leak or that are starting to wear.


The gauges on your dashboard are designed to tell you when something is going wrong. Now, those dashboard lights aren’t going to clue you in to everything, but they can generally tell you when there are fluids low or when the tires are low or if something is going on with the engine. If you see a light go on make sure you get in touch with your auto repair shop immediately to find out what you should be doing and to schedule a time to get it checked out. Sometimes they’re minor, but sometimes there could be a serious problem.


It can be a lot of fun to listen to the radio at full blast or talk to your friends or others in your vehicle, but every once in a while you should turn down the volume and listen to your vehicle. Listen for any strange sounds or differences in the way that it drives. If you notice anything that seems out of the ordinary make sure you record when it happened and what it sounded or felt like. You should then call your trusted auto repair shop to find out just what your next steps should be.


Okay, you don’t need your tank to be filled at every moment of the day, but you absolutely do want to make sure that you keep the tank at least half full and never less than ¼. It can be tempting to let the tank run down when you find yourself low on money or if you’re waiting for prices to go down, but running your car too low can actually cause problems with the engine and the transmission. Since those are the two most expensive pieces of your vehicle, it’s never a good idea to let the gas get too low.


Keeping the inside and outside of your vehicle clean is a little known but very important way to make sure that it runs properly. Dirt and debris can get into just about any part of your vehicle and if you’re removing those things you’re definitely going to make a better impact on your car. You’re going to keep it looking great, reduce the risk of rust or other damage and just plain make sure you want to drive it even longer. Why wouldn’t you want to keep your vehicle in the best shape possible and avoid auto repair at the same time? It’s really as easy as that in Grapevine, TX.


Keeping up on the regular maintenance is another great way to make sure that you don’t run your vehicle ragged and end up needing auto repair. You want to make sure you’re getting proper tire rotations, oil changes and general tune-ups so you can make sure that your vehicle is going to keep running the way that it’s supposed to. For most vehicles this means you should see a technician every 3,000 to 5,000 miles just to make sure everything is working like it should.

Overall, there are a number of steps that you should be following to reduce your need for auto repair in Grapevine, TX. If you pay attention to your car and keep an eye on some of the basics you’re definitely going to keep it running well and you’re going to reduce the need for maintenance and repairs. You are the first line of defense in getting your car in the best shape and keeping it there for a long time to come, so make sure you’re staying on top of things. Contact Import Car Center to schedule an appointment today!

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