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Located on 1010 W Northwest Highway, Grapevine, Southlake Texas, this auto repair shop has some of the finest services available to repair your car and fix any problems it might have. Equipped with a 10 bay shop with incredible diagnostic equipment, we make sure that any problem your car might have will fix in no time. We especially have an excellent bundle of knowledge on Porsches, BMW’s, and Audi’s. All our mechanics and technicians ASE certified, and our shop is AAA approved, making it one of the best auto shops in Texas.

What we have for in-store shopping

We have import accessories, tires, wheels, and strong performance parts for sale. Products can be purchased in-store or delivered to you from our auto repair shop, as long as you are located in Southlake, TX.

What services do we offer?

We offer numerous different services, ranging from air conditioning system repairs to charging systems and clutches, as well as electrical, engine repairs, and performance upgrades. Our full list is on our website.

Vehicle Inspection

One of our most valued services is vehicle inspection, in which we offer a FREE inspection by our mechanics in our auto repair shop to ensure that your vehicle is safe and operating flawlessly. We want to make sure that we can prevent your car repair from being costly. We give you an insight into every point of your vehicle to make sure that it is in perfect shape.

Exterior points

These exterior repairs include windshield cracks, body dents, headlights, and wheel rim damages.

Interior points

These interior repairs include dome lights, clutch-free plays, emergency flashers, air conditioner breakdowns, dashboard displays, and hood releases.

Trunk points

We offer inspection for trunk lights, air pressure, and carjacks.

Engine points

We offer to check all fluids and filters, leaks, as well as any belts, hoses, lines, and wires.

Underbody points

We offer repairs for suspension, engine mounts, brake lines, exhaust pipes, rust or corrosion build-up, gearboxes, and CV joints, and will do it all in no time in our auto repair shop.


We offer our customers the option to align all four wheels. There are many reasons why aligning all four will be beneficial to your vehicle in the long run.


An alignment of all four wheels drastically reduces the chance of your tires giving out in the long run and adds thousands of miles to your tire lifetime.


The total gas mileage increases as all your four wheels become perfectly parallel, which decreases the amount of resistance against your tires.


Any handling problems with the way your car steers and moves can be fixed by total alignment. With all four wheels in perfect shape, the chances of your tires giving out and decreasing control will be at a minimum.


By finding a suspension problem with our expert mechanics and technicians, we will save you a large amount of time and potential damages to your vehicle for the future by fixing it in no time in our auto repair shop.


It is important to check on your car if you face any issues dealing with squeaky brake noises, soft brake pedals, or delayed braking time. Brakes are incredibly important in vehicles and damaged brakes can result in potential injury, legal issues, and as well as damages to your vehicle. These are good enough reasons as to why frequent brake inspections done by our mechanics are a good idea.

Our certified mechanics also specialize in anti-lock braking system repairs, in which we repair the system that prevents your wheels from being locked up every time you brake in your vehicle.


A clutch that slips is a very serious problem and is high on our priority list for mechanics to fix. This normally happens when the disc in the car isn’t held against the flywheel tight enough. Ignoring this issue may result in other highly serious problems in your car, including transmission. If you suspect that you may have a problem with your clutch and that it might be slipping, send your car into our auto repair shop for a free inspection from our mechanics and we will take a look at it. One hint that there might be a clutch issue in your car, is that grease and oil leaks are out of the ordinary.


Our mechanics and electricians are here to help with electrical issues that your car might be having, including failure to charge the battery, headlight, or tail light breakage or indicator light issues. It is very important to check up on these issues as not only can faulty electric issues lead to failure of your vehicle’s accessories, but it may lead to the lack of necessary power to start up your car.


The engine is the most critical and important component of any vehicle. For that reason, it is of utmost importance to regularly come into our mechanics so that we may check in your engine to ensure that there are no problems to be found. Some indicators that your engine might be having a problem is that smoke coming out of the tailpipe signifies that there is a gasket problem, to which you must send your vehicle into the auto repair shop at once to prevent any more problems with your vehicle.


Exhaust system issues interfere with your car’s system efficiency and how well your car is able to work. Any issues with an exhaust system have a great potential in damaging your car’s livelihood in the future. If you see black smoke coming out of your tailpipe, that is a good indication that you must send your car in for a mechanic to check on the exhaust system.


A vehicle’s transmission is highly important to the gearbox, clutch, and driveshafts, meaning that failure to notice transmission issues make results in those accessories not working at their best. Transmission issues are important to the driving ability of the vehicle, so make sure to bring your car in if you notice any issues.


Above, we listed the reasons as to why checking your car is important, as well as all our auto repair shop services available to you at Import Car Center. Make sure to come into our auto repair shop in Southlake, TX for the best quality service possible!

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