A well-maintained car pronounces a lot about us. Especially if someone owns a luxury car like Mercedes, BMW or an Audi, they treat it like their child. And just like when your child gets ill you take him/her to the best physician, similarly a luxury car owner will get his/her car repaired by the best auto repair facility in Grapevine, TX

At times getting your car repaired by the respective company itself becomes unfeasible due to many different reasons. In such situations you can easily get your car serviced or repaired from an independent import car auto repair in Grapevine, TX.

Following are the benefits of getting your car repaired from a reliable import car auto repair shop in Grapevine, TX:


The cost difference between an independent auto repair and dealership are very much pronounced; the reason why people opt for an independent auto repair is that it’s affordable. There are certain factors that make it an economical alternative:

  • The fixed rates of the dealership services make them an expensive option, whereas an independent auto service can adjust the fees depending on the work.
  • Working by the book approach, a dealership service provider will charge you per hour; an independent repair service will complete the job in under 1 hour, the dealer will fix that same issue in 6 hours.


Another benefit of getting your luxury car serviced from an independent import car auto repair in Grapevine, TX, is that it is easily accessible. It may be difficult to find a local dealer of the car you have; there is a possibility that they don’t provide service locally. You might have to go to another city which will cost you some extra dollars.

There are plenty of options for auto repair in Grapevine, TX, which provide reliable and cost efficient services.


When it comes to getting your luxury car repaired, you just can’t hand over your car to any auto repair service provider. Reliability factor of an independent auto repair in Grapevine, TX, just can’t be ignored. The reasons for this reliability are as under:

  • An economical service that an auto repair provides.
  • Available locally.
  • After a few visits you get familiar with the staff; this makes the procedure even more reliable because of the trust factor you will develop with the service provider.
  • Your car can be fixed in case of an emergency situation.
  • You get a friendlier and more responsive customer service.


A skillful mechanic is the result of years of practice and hard work; it is necessary and a bit difficult to find one as the market is full of the inexperienced.

A reliable and veteran auto repair shop in Grapevine, TX will provide you with the experienced auto technicians, having years of experience in fixing luxury cars. Since luxury cars are imported, they have a different operating systems and it is important for a mechanic to be familiar with the engine system of the car.


On-board diagnostics (OBD) system is a computer system that monitors the performance of a car’s engine, transmission operation and more.

The luxury cars have an OBD port which connects to the system and then the performance of the car can be monitored; this procedure can help identify what kind of service your car needs.

An independent auto repair in Grapevine, TX is not only equipped but also has expert servicemen which know how to function the system.


A reliable and trustworthy auto repair in Grapevine, TX will provide you with authentic body parts for your car. There are reasons why it is advised to install genuine parts in your car:

  • The quality of genuine parts is way more superior to that of the copy versions. While the genuine products are made to last, it’s not the same with the replicas. Although a replica may be cheap but it will cost you more in a long run.
  • The other reason to buy original parts is that with the low quality auto part you will be compromising on your safety. What will you do if the low quality brakes you installed fail while driving?
  • Buying original products will get you a warranty for a certain length of time which means you can get a free replacement or a free repair, if the part stops functioning within the time limit.


If you are looking for an experienced auto repair in Grapevine, TX for your luxury car, then you must pay a visit to our local center located at the Northwest Highway.

Import Car Center is an auto repair center that is providing a number of quality import car services, and has been for almost 28 years. Equipped with state of the art diagnostic machinery, we at Import Car Center exclusively deal with the repairs and services related to the imported cars.


With more than 28 years of experience to our name, Import Car Center has become the symbol of quality and reliability. We exclusively deal with the repair and auto part supply of imported cars like Audi, Mercedes, Land Rover, Jaguar and many others.

The import car center is AAA recognized and all our skilled technicians are certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence.

Our main goal is to provide our customers with unmatched auto repair services; the professionalism you will experience with us will make you visit our center again when you need help with your imported car.

With more than a 92% satisfaction rate, Import Car Center shows that we believe in providing our customers with the best there is.


In the end, we can assure you that you can trust us with your luxury car because only an experienced and skillful technical staff like ours knows the worth of a luxury car.

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