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There are many places to get your auto repair, but finding an honest, dependable mechanic team is like finding gold. The gold standard in Grapevine, TX, is Import Car Center.

Why trust just anyone for auto repair when it comes to your pride and joy? You have worked hard to earn your luxury import vehicle, and you deserve to have only the best, most qualified mechanics touching her.

Imports are our specialty. From exceptional European models to virtually any import you can name, our highly trained, knowledgeable team of automotive mechanics gives your car professional tender loving care.


We can secure parts for any luxury import, including Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes, Porsche, Volvo, Volkswagen, and the rest. We have the contacts, supply lines, and logistics required to provide all your import parts needs in a flash.

Over the many years, we have served import car owners just like you, we have developed trusted business relationships who understand how serious we are about providing the best parts and service for a fair and reasonable price.


You need only look to our online customer reviews and our A+ Better Business rating to know that your import car is in the hands of the best automotive team in the region. Our service and auto repair work reflect that high score.

When you come to us for auto repair work, do so confidently, knowing that we stand behind every repair, servicing, and parts order. We worked hard to earn those high ratings and your trust.

We leave nothing to chance. We’re proud to be equipped with the most state-of-the-art tools of the trade. We adhere to the manufacturers’ guidelines and certify our technicians are trained in those precise rules for the proper auto repair of each make and model.

Years of performing competent service and repairs are coupled with classroom certification so that each member of our team handles your vehicle as it were his own.

There is only one location you need to visit in Grapevine, TX, for auto repair and that is, Import Car Center. We deliver best in class service and repair. Our customer satisfaction level stands at an astounding 92%!


Your high-performance wheels demand the expertise of our alignment specialists. Get better gas mileage, reduced tire wear, better road handling, and greater peace of mind.

Don’t let lousy brake and clutch conditions put you and your loved ones at risk. While inspecting your vehicle, we look for signs of potential future problems. There are several signs of impending brake failure and clutch slippage. Early correction of any issues ensures your safety and saves you money in the long run.

Without a working electrical system, you are stuck in a 2500-pound paperweight. After proper diagnostics, we’ll get your electrical system into tip-top shape: no more flickering or blacked-out headlamps or brake lights. Drive the night with confidence. Arise in the morning knowing that your battery and alternator are in perfect working condition so you can get to work on time!

Our European, and import auto repair center also specialize in factory-recommended scheduled maintenance, engine and transmission servicing, and repairs. Let us keep your luxury import purring with power!


Aftermarket parts and accessories are another of our import car repair specialties. Many such high-value parts are on display in our showroom. A complete view of all we have to offer, visit us on our website. We have listened to online shoppers and developed a website that is easy to navigate, fun to explore, and that is safe and secure to use.

Our Grapevine, TX showroom display of exquisite European wheels and import parts and automotive accessories is second to none. You’ll feel welcome as you see, smell, and touch these exciting, must-have luxury parts and accessories.

Best of all, we can install the parts you pick out quickly, even while you wait! There is no excuse for going without those unique add-ons of which you have been dreaming. Visit us and go for the enhancements that will increase the overall pleasure of your driving experience.

Impress your boss, your significant other, your potential significant other, your friends, and your neighbors. Your import car symbolizes the drive for success that is your character and personality. Let our auto repair specialists buff up that image with our stellar servicing, repair work, and parts installation.


We diligently look for any signs of potential problems, from a chipped windshield to your license plate light. No one has time to deal with traffic stops and fines. Our team will give you added peace of mind that your vehicle is road-ready and legally compliant.

More importantly, our inspection may detect a severe safety issue or forewarn of an imminent breakdown. Our customers routinely thank us for catching a problem before it becomes a catastrophic problem that leaves them stranded.

They all agree that early preventative measures are far less costly than dealing with a major breakdown after the fact. And you’ll agree, it is a lot more convenient. No one wants to be stuck on the roadside in a remote area, waiting for what may seem like hours for a tow truck to rescue them.

We have even had customers state that bringing your car to Import Car Center doesn’t cost them money; instead, it saves them cash and headaches! We agree. That is why we love this business. We care about your vehicle, and we care about you, our valued customer.


Not already a valued customer of ours? We invite you to visit Import Car Center in Grapevine, TX, today. In the auto repair trade, we have an old saying, “Never put off until tomorrow a repair that is needed today.

We are confident that you’ll be as delighted with our ability to serve you as we will be to have that honor and privilege.

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