Your BMW depends on proper care in order to run well and last for many miles. One item of care in particular that might get overlooked is fuel injector service. Fuel injectors literally inject fuel into the combustion chamber of an engine via spray nozzles. There is one fuel injector for each cylinder in your vehicle.

An engine requires the correct mixture of air and fuel in order to combust properly. This air/fuel mixture is what is ignited by the spark plug in the cylinders themselves. If the amount of fuel is off, whether too much or too little, the engine will not run right and problems will emerge. Let’s go over why you might need fuel injector service and how it is accomplished.

BMW Fuel Injector Service

The primary reason you need your injectors serviced is that they are clogged in some way. The nozzle at the injector tip is very fine, meaning tiny debris can cause a blockage. This can be due to contaminants or carbon build up, for example. If the fuel cannot exit the injector, obviously less fuel will be sprayed into the cylinder, leading to your car running lean, which means too little fuel for the amount of air present.

Given the importance of the injectors in supplying fuel to the engine, it should come as no surprise that in some cases, your BMW might fail to start at all due to a lack of fuel. Other issues might arise such as engine misfiring, which occurs when combustion is absent or incomplete. This can happen when one or more cylinders are not firing properly.

You may also experience rough idling, which might be noisier or you might notice more vibrations when sitting still with engine running. Reduced gas mileage and having to fuel up more often is another example. Your BMW may stop altogether, which is a safety hazard when this happens in traffic, for example. A lack of power may be the symptom you notice first, as you might feel like the car is slower or does not accelerate as quickly as it used to. A strong fuel smell when operating the vehicle or even abnormal exhaust, which might be darker than usual or have an odor it does not normally have, are further indications.

It is clear to see that fuel injectors in need of service can effectively ruin the driving experience of your BMW, and in some cases even become a safety concern if unpredictable stalling occurs. Luckily, the injectors can be serviced.

Technicians can apply a few methods, one of which being to run a chemical through the fuel system by adding said chemical to the fuel tank. It will then be pumped through the car’s fuel system just like the regular gasoline is during vehicle operation. Another option is more thorough and involves actually bathing the tips of the injectors in a cleansing solution and allowing the injectors to spray. This not only provides a deeper clean but allows the technician to see if the spray pattern is normal or not. However, this second method is more invasive and will require your fuel injectors to be removed from the vehicle.

You do not need to wait for any of the aforementioned symptoms to arise before considering a fuel injector cleaning, though. It is a good idea to do this as preventative maintenance to avoid damage and the headache of any of the above problems. You can refer to your specific model’s maintenance recommendations, but a good rule of thumb is around 60,000 miles a fuel injector service is warranted.

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