Audi’s are known for their high-performance engines, luxurious interiors, and sleek designs. It is no secret that drivers of these high-end automobiles enjoy a comfortable and exhilarating ride, but what happens when a problem arises with your vehicle? Your Audi’s sensors will pick up on a problem and illuminate the check engine light to warn you. Because there’s so much under the hood, It can be hard to determine the exact cause.

What does an illuminated dashboard light mean?

Every vehicle is manufactured with a check-engine warning light. This light is connected to the vehicle’s onboard diagnostic system. This onboard diagnostic system is mandatory for every make and model available to date.

Audi’s onboard diagnostic system is a computer that is designed to monitor the various systems that make up your vehicle, such as the engine’s system, power steering system, or transmission system, for example. When a warning light on your dashboard becomes illuminated, this is indicative that there is a possible malfunction within that specific system.

Common Causes of an Illuminated Check-Engine Light

There are a number of reasons for a check-engine light to be illuminated on your dashboard. Below are the most commonly reported problems among drivers.

  • Engine problems: This may be the most obvious, but when your Audi’s onboard diagnostic system detects a malfunction within your engine system, it will send a signal through the system resulting in an illuminated check engine light on the dashboard.
  • Transmission malfunctions: The engine and transmission work hand-in-hand to move a vehicle forward in motion. Therefore, any problems within the transmission system are much more likely to affect the engine system. For example, a faulty transmission may lead to an increase in emissions that in turn results in an illuminated check engine dashboard light.
  • Equipment failure: Vehicles are equipped with several parts within the emission system such as the catalytic converter, exhaust gas recirculation system, or evaporative emissions system. When one or more of these parts fail within the system, a signal is then sent to Audi’s onboard diagnostic system. The ODS then reflects this malfunction to drivers through an illuminated check engine light.

What To Do Next

If the check-engine light on your Audi’s dashboard becomes illuminated while you are driving, it is important that you pull over to a safe location as quickly as possible. While not all causes of an illuminated dashboard light are an emergency, it is imperative that you rule out these emergencies to determine if it is safe to continue driving.

The first thing that our experts recommend, once in a safe location, is to evaluate all gauges on your dashboard. Ensure that your Audi is not overheating or running hot, which is a common cause of an illuminated check engine light.

Secondly, our experts recommend that drivers check the fuel cap. This might sound silly, but when a fuel cap is too loose or has a faulty seal, vapors are able to escape into the atmosphere which can trigger the onboard diagnostic system.

If you are driving and your check-engine light becomes illuminated and begins flashing, pull over immediately and turn off your vehicle’s engine. A flashing illuminated check-engine light is the result of an emergency arising within your vehicle’s system.

In the case of an emergency, it is not recommended to continue driving your vehicle. This includes but is not limited to smelling smoke, hearing strange noises, or noticing obvious engine performance issues. You will want to pull over to a safe location and call for a tow truck to bring your Audi to our trusted mechanics for diagnostic testing and repairs.

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