The transmission fluid is an important part of your Volkswagen‘. When it is low or the fluid has gotten dirty, many parts of your vehicle will stop working. You may run into issues with your Volkswagen overheating, the gears not shifting properly, and other dangerous mechanical problems.

Working with a licensed mechanic to change out the transmission fluid and check over your vehicle is the best way to make sure your Volkswagen runs smoothly each time.

Why should I change my transmission fluid?

No matter how good the quality of your transmission fluid, it is going to lose its viscosity and break down over time. It can get dirty from the gears using it due to friction as well. Metal and other contaminants will accumulate in the transmission pan, which makes it less effective at its job.

Below are some common reasons to change your transmission fluid:

  • Proper cooling: If the transmission fluid is old, it will not be able to cool down the car. The cleaner the fluid, the more it can dissipate heat and prevent any damage from happening.
  • Shifting is affected: Your automatic transmission will rely on fluids to allow proper shifting. You need the transmission fluid to help the gears shift well. If the fluid is dirty, leaking, or lost, it can really help keep your car working well.
  • The fluid leaks: One issue is that there is a leak in the transmission pan. If this starts to happen, you need to visit a licensed mechanic to help get your vehicle in good working order.

How often do I need to change the transmission fluid?

Even if there does not seem to be a problem with your transmission fluid, it is important to update it and keep it clean. Many vehicles, including your Volkswagen, recommend that you change in 30,000 to 60,000 intervals. Some newer cars recommend that you change it in the 50,000 to 100,000 mile interval. This is a little bit longer but still helps you change out the oil on a regular timeline.

Keeping to a routine maintenance plan is a good way to help you remember when to change the fluid out and keep it up to date, even if the levels say it’s full. It is also the quality of the fluid that is important.

Signs to Replace Transmission Fluid

If you haven’t gotten around to changing out the transmission fluid, there are a few signs that you can look at to figure out if it is time to change it out. Your vehicle needs the transmission fluid to function properly. Without these essential fluids, it will struggle to run properly. Below are the common signs that a change is necessary:

  • You struggle with shifting: This is a big sign that the transmission fluid is either running low or dirty and you need to get it replaced.
  • The car shifts out of gear: If you notice that the vehicle slips out of gear, especially while you are driving, then this is a sign of transmission fluid troubles. Get this checked right away before it causes more damage to the car.
  • Overheating: When your vehicle starts to run out of transmission fluid, the vehicle will overheat. Not changing it out often and driving in extreme situations can cause this problem.
  • Grinding sounds from the gears: This will happen when there is not enough lubrication in the gears and can end up a costly repair. Seek a professional mechanic right away.

Should I Change the Transmission Fluid?

While there are a few options for you to change Volkswagen Transmission Fluid Flush the transmission fluid on your own, one of the best ways to do this is to bring your Volkswagen into a qualified mechanic. They can change the transmission fluid in a few minutes and check out the rest of the fluid levels in your vehicle at the same time. In no time at all, you can have clean, new transmission fluid for your Volkswagen and get back on the road with confidence.

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