Automobiles don’t only serve as a luxurious bragging right for their owners. They have become a very necessary part of every person’s household. This is so because these allow for people to travel wherever their business and daily responsibilities may take them. Some even opt for automobiles as a mobile-home away from home.

Every beautiful experience and sight in the world can be availed if you own an automobile. This makes them a very necessary part of every human’s evolutionary development. That said, these automobiles need to be kept at a tip-top shape in order to gain from all the benefits that may be derived from them.

For your benefit we have compiled a checklist for your automobile’s maintenance and auto repair in Southlake, TX. So if you’re looking to operate in optimum performance you should definitely check this list out:


The owner’s manual of your car has everything that you need to know but so does this checklist. A regular auto repair in Southlake, TX (without a mention of the city), will definitely be mentioned in the car’s manual.

Most of this inspection relies on your knowledge. This includes knowing how to assess components and parts of your vehicle. If you know how to do this, then you will know when your car needs to visit an experienced auto repair shop in Southlake. This is so because your car needs some extra hands and advanced tools in order to be repaired efficiently.


Most modern cars have warning systems and sophisticated sensors included in them which help you with the above mentioned point. Sometimes even the most meticulous inspections can’t identify what these systems easily can. All you need to do is learn what these warning signs mean. The following are some of the most important ones.


This indicator illustrates that the OBD interface in your car has picked up on some problems with your car’s motor. This interface has thousands of codes; all of which mean something unique. How to pinpoint the problem depends on your car’s producer. The specific problem may be mentioned in your car manual or will need for you to visit an auto repair in Southlake, TX for an inspection.


This light simply means that you require a scheduled maintenance. This mostly pertains to a timeline which is advised by the producer of your automobile for an auto repair in Southlake, TX. This can be identified by various prints like ‘service engine’ or ‘service’. Again, your car’s manual should to be checked in order to really grasp the meanings of these warning signs.


This is quite rare, and points out that the automatic electrical charging system of your car should be assessed. This is definitely something you can’t do on your own. If you see one of these lights in your car, book an appointment with an auto repair in Southlake, TX.


This particular indicator can also mean a range of things. A minor indication of this light is that your parking brake is in use, which means you simply need to disengage it. A major problem however could be that the brake fluid levels of your car are quite low and need to be topped up.


The Anti-lock braking system of your car is required to keep it stable in sudden-stop situations. This elementary tool is quite important which makes this particular repair quite urgent. If you see this indicator light in your car, then you need to stop over at the closest auto repair in Southlake, TX.


Most people know what this means because it can come on quite often, if the automobile is in constant use. This warning light means that your car’s engine is overheating rapidly. All you need to do is open up the hood of your car and allow for the car to cool down. Be sure to wait some time before opening the radiator cap to pour coolants in, because the system may be highly pressurized. If this problem continues to persist quite a lot, then you definitely need the inspection of an auto repair in Southlake, TX.


This indicator is in place to warn you about the oil pressure in your engine reaching dangerously low. It is advised by every professional auto repair in Southlake, TX, to avoid driving your car if this warning light is on. Other than low levels of oil, this may indicate oil strainer or oil filter blockage or even an oil pump failure.

It is quite easy to take good care of your automobile. The above-mentioned basic sign of a need for maintenance are all included in your car’s manual. Every indicator can be found in your manual and the specific directions to follow will also be included here.

All of these maintenance indicators are basic enough to be present in the most luxurious to the most common car. You need to keep these tips in mind in order to keep your car in the best shape and to avoid expensive repairs or replacements of parts. You can also keep track of your vehicles problems to learn how often some repairs need to be done. One you get this trend, maintenance of your car will be more like muscle memory.


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