Your Audi can develop misfires within its engine for a number of reasons. A misfire is the result of miscalculated combustion inside one or more of the engine’s cylinders. This could happen when one of the cylinders in your engine fails to function properly. When this occurs, you are likely to feel sudden, strange vibrations. You may also notice poor engine performance, or your Audi may even stall out.

There are many other causes for an engine to misfire. Below we will discuss three of the most common causes and what to do if you find yourself experiencing these problems.

Engine Combustion

Audi uses what is called a combustion engine. In a combustion engine, fuel and air move into the cylinder, and then the piston compresses the gas and air mixture. The spark plug ignites a spark, causing the expansion of gases. This then causes the piston to push back.

The actual sparking of the fuel and air is the combustion. A misfire occurs when this process is unable to be completed as designed. Below, we will further discuss the causes of these malfunctions in your engine’s combustion process.

Fuel and Air Mixture

When the fuel and air mixture become too rich, your Audi will begin consuming more fuel during combustion. This uses up a lot more gas while driving and can cause engine misfires. Conversely, when the fuel level is too low and the air ratio is too high, this can also lead to engine misfire. This is often referred to as a lean misfire, because the amount of fuel is lean compared to the amount that is needed to create combustion.

The three most common causes of this imbalance are:

  • A clogged fuel filter
  • The fuel injection system is improperly working
  • A faulty emission control system

Causes of Misfires

The purpose of a vehicle’s ignition is to receive high voltage from the car’s battery. This is then sent to every spark plug, igniting the fuel/air mixture in the combustion chamber.

The most common cause of engine misfire is old or faulty spark plugs. Best case scenario, this is all that needs to be replaced. It is relatively inexpensive to do so.

Another common cause of misfire is the wiring. Both the wires and spark plugs succumb to additional stress in environments of extreme temperature changes.

It is common for older vehicles to need a new distributor cap or rotor. Due to the natural wear and tear on the components within the ignition system, an ignition system problem is another common cause of misfire.

Many do not realize a mechanical problem within the engine can cause a misfire. Each cylinder inside the engine contains a piston that has got to compress the air/fuel mixture for complete combustion. When this process is interrupted, it can lead to a misfire in the engine.

Signs of Engine Misfire

It is not hard to tell when there is something wrong with your car, but the only way for an accurate diagnosis is to have an accredited technician run diagnostic testing. Let’s discuss a few signs to look out for when it comes to the functionality of your Audi:

  • A rough idle is commonly caused when a vacuum hose leaks, causing a lean air-to-fuel mixture.
  • You may feel significant vibrations throughout the cab of your vehicle. This is likely due to an imbalance in the engine caused by the misfire.
  • The check engine light may come on. You should seek immediate professional help from your local trusted auto technician if this happens.
  • Audi drivers may feel a jerk when accelerating.
  • Your Audi may be slow to accelerate if the engine is misfiring.

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