Land Rovers are strong and sturdy vehicles that were designed to be smooth on city roads and take a beating off-roading. Because of this, they require maintenance and proper upkeep. A common issue that Land Rovers develop is a head gasket leak. If you experience any symptoms of failure, have your mechanic diagnose the issue right away. Continuing to drive can lead to complete engine failure.

The head gasket is positioned between the engine block and cylinder head. It is a barrier that blocks coolant from entering the cylinder chamber. However, it does permit coolant and oil to move through the engine. It also keeps dangerous gases from escaping. Since the head gasket constantly sees a large influx of temperatures, it can experience failure.

Common Causes of a Head Gasket Leak

The head gasket can fail due to several reasons. Over time, they experience a lot of wear and tear. The temperature from the engine along with environmental factors affects the head gasket. After years of expanding and contracting the component can break.

If the engine in your Land Rover frequently runs hot, the head gasket can fail even faster. An engine that runs hot has an issue. If your engine is running hot, have it checked out right away. Dealing with the issue immediately will save you from having large service bills later.

The most common causes of head gasket failure are:

  • engine is running hot
  • low water level
  • dirty, old, wrong, or cheap oil
  • failed thermostat
  • wrong, old, or watered-down antifreeze
  • improper oil level
  • running the engine hot

Warning Signs of Head Gasket Failure

The engine in your Land Rover requires fuel, motor oil, and coolant to run efficiently. When the head gasket blows, this can allow any of these fluids to enter the cylinders.

Some common warning signs of head gasket failure include:

  • bubbles in the radiator
  • coolant leaking onto the spark plugs
  • an overheating engine
  • a loss of power
  • coolant level is low
  • oil has a milky look
  • oil is mixed in the antifreeze
  • leaking oil
  • land rover idles roughly
  • water leaking out of the tailpipe
  • gray, blue or white smoke exiting the tailpipe

If your Land Rover is suffering from any of the warning signs, do not drive it. It is also important that you do not remove the radiator cap while the vehicle is hot. The coolant is under pressure, and when the cap is removed it can spray out. This can lead to severe burns if you are standing anywhere near the radiator when it is opened while hot.

Do Not Drive with a Head Gasket Leak

Do not ignore any of the warning signs of a head gasket leak. The issue will not fix itself. It will only get worse and damage other components including the engine. You may think that repairing the issue will be costly so you may put it off, but it will not compare to the cost you will be looking at if it causes additional damage.

A leaking head gasket can allow coolant to leak into the cylinders. If this happens, you can experience:

  • an engine fire
  • damage to the cooling system
  • catalytic converter failure
  • hose erosion
  • inadequate lubrication
  • engine will overheat
  • failure of the radiator
  • complete engine failure

How to Prevent a Head Gasket Leak in Your Land Rover

Head gasket failure is typically caused by frequent overheating. The best way to avoid a head gasket leak is to make certain the cooling system is in proper working condition.

At Import Car Center, we can help to ensure the system is running correctly. We will make sure the coolant level is correct, there are no leaks, and the radiator is working effectively. Your owner’s manual will tell you when you need to have the cooling system serviced or we can help maintain your service upkeep for you. If you are unsure, call us today.

Land Rover Service You Can Count On

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