Land Rovers are tough vehicles that are durable and reliable. They are the ideal vehicle for off-roading. But when the HDC system fails, you can lose control of the vehicle when going downhill. This can be dangerous, and the issue needs to be corrected right away.

The HDC system is also known as the Hill Descent Control system. It is a feature that enhances the performance of the Land Rover when descending downhill. HDC technology is very important for keeping you safe on steep declines. When it fails, you will have considerably less control, which can lead to an accident.

The hill descent control system works in tandem with the anti-lock brake system. It controls the speed of each wheel separately. This helps to control the descent of the Land Rover, reducing sudden acceleration.

What Causes the HDC System to Fail?

There are a few issues that can cause the HDC system to fail in a Land Rover. These are:

  • Problem with the battery: The hill descent control system starts up when the Land Rover is started. If the battery is unable to provide a sufficient charge, the HDC system will show that it is unavailable.
  • Failing Alternator: A failing alternator will not be able to keep the battery charged. If the battery is not charged, it cannot provide the HDC system the power it needs to operate.
  • Other issues that can cause the HDC system to fail include, bad wiring, blown fuses and software.

Warning Signs of HDC System Failure

If you notice any of the following warning signs of HDC system failure, have the issue checked out right away.

  • Anti-lock Brake Dashboard Light is Illuminated: Since the HDC system is linked to the ABS system, the warning light may be triggered if your Land Rover recognizes there is a problem.
  • HDC Fault System Not Available: This warning message means that an issue with the system has been detected.

Fixes for Common HDC Error Messages

There are several error messages that can be triggered to warn you when there is a problem. Not all error messages mean your HDC system is failing. If you are trying to get the system to engage, and are receiving an HDC error message, try one of these quick fixes.

  • Change Gears: Your Land Rover must be in low gear before the HDC system will work. If you see the error message “HDC Not Available in This Gear,” try a lower gear.
  • Slow Down: The hill descent system will only work when you are driving under 31 mph. If you see the error message “HDC Not Available: Speed Too High,” slow down. If you go above 50 mph, the system will turn off completely.
  • Cool Off the Brakes: The HDC system works with the ABS system. Since they work in tandem, the HDC system will not work if the brakes are overheated. If you see the error message “System Cooling,” wait for the brakes to cool down. The system will not work until the brakes reach normal operating temperatures.

Is it safe to drive your Land Rover with a failing HDC system?

The HDC system was designed to help keep you and your passengers safe. When there is a problem, it can be hard to control the vehicle. This can be dangerous and lead to an accident when you are driving down a hill. If you are experiencing any issues with the HDC system or the ABS system, they need to be fixed right away.

Fixing Your HDC Failure

If you are experiencing signs of HDC system failure Land Rover Alternator Inspection in your Land Rover, call us at Import Car Center. Our ASE certified technicians have decades of experience working with Land Rovers. We have a fully equipped service center stocked with all the latest factory-grade tools and equipment available.

HDC system failure is often caused by fluctuating battery voltages. However, other issues can be affecting the system. We can identify the issue and get it fixed right away.

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