The Land Rover has transformed from a vehicle for agricultural and heavy-duty tasks to a luxury SUV that symbolizes sophistication and style. Today, the Land Rover is one of the most popular 4×4 SUVs. They are spacious and have a luxurious interior for a comfortable and safe ride. However, poor maintenance practices and use could cause your Land Rover to break down.

One common problem that may affect your Land Rover is the issue of faulty rear brake calipers.

Let’s take a closer look at these important components of your Land Rover model.

What is a brake caliper?

Brake calipers are a crucial part of your vehicle’s brake system that helps bring your car to a halt when you press on the brake pedal. The brake caliper forms part of the disc brake system. It houses your car’s wheels and creates friction with the brake rotors. When you step on the brake, the caliper fastens on the wheel’s rotor, slowing it and then preventing the wheel from turning when it is stopped.

A pair of metal plates known as brake pads are housed within each caliper. When you press the brake pedal, brake fluid exerts pressure on pistons in the brake calipers forcing the pad against the brake rotor and slowing your vehicle.

Why do brake calipers fail in Land Rovers?

  • Wear and tear: The brake calipers are one of the most active parts of your vehicle’s braking system. They are consistently subjected to a lot of pressure, causing them to wear down over time. The brake pad will eventually fail after an extended period of use, requiring you to get a replacement.
  • Heat: Heat can also make your brake calipers erode Excessive heat can wear out the seals on the calipers, allowing for brake fluid leaks. The calipers will become corroded and weak once the seals fail.

Signs of a Failing Brake Caliper

The following are some common signs that tell you that brake calipers are failing:

  • Leaking caliper: Once you discover that your caliper is leaking brake fluid, it is time to replace them. Generally, the calipers are due for replacement after seven to ten years or 75,000 miles of driving. This is because they use rubber seals that degrade with age and heat. As the seals deteriorate, your calipers are likely to start leaking. Brake fluids are extremely dangerous because the brakes will fail once there are fluid leaks. You should take your car to a professional once you notice a leaking caliper.
  • Vibrating or wobbly steering: A vibration or wobble in your steering whenever your brake is a sign you must not ignore. This is most likely due to uneven rotor wear. The calipers are frequently the source of rotor problems. The caliper squeezes your brake pads against the rotors causing your car to slow down and stop. Heat and debris can make your pistons become stuck, forcing your brake pad glued to either the on or off position.
  • A strong burning odor when driving: A metallic burning smell is one sign of a brake caliper problem you must not dismiss. It could result from overheating when performing several hard brakes on bumpy roads. Always ensure your emergency brake is released and allow them to cool off for a few moments. If you are driving and notice a burning smell in your car, you should stop immediately.
  • Your vehicle moves to one side while braking: Another common brake problem is when your vehicle moves to the side whenever you hit your brakes. Such a problem could be a sign that your clippers are failing. It occurs when one of the calipers applies more pressure than the other or when one caliper fails to force the other to do all the work on one side.
  • Brake failure: Your brake caliper is very crucial in your vehicle braking system. The failure of the caliper affects the effective functioning of the brake system, which may cause the failure of your Land Rover brakes. Whenever you notice this, you must ensure you get the calipers replaced to avoid putting yourself and other road users at the risk of an accident.

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