Porsche is a stylish, high-performance supercar that many luxury car enthusiasts covet. This car brand is built with sophisticated engineering and designed to give drivers the best experience possible. However, like every other machine, Porsche vehicles can wear out over time. To prevent early wear of the car components, regular maintenance must be followed. A failing driveshaft support is one of the components in your Porsche that can make you have a terrible driving experience on the road.

As a Porsche driver, you may be curious about your vehicle’s driveshaft system, what it does, and what you can do to intervene at the first indication of malfunction. You don’t want to let a minor issue like this turn into a major one, especially when it comes to fixing a luxurious vehicle like a Porsche. The components and labor can become more expensive if the problem is not detected and resolved early enough. Before we go into the signs of a failing driveshaft support, let us start with what a driveshaft support does.

What function does a driveshaft support serve?

The driveshaft is an integral component of an automobile’s drivetrain. It is linked to the other components of the drivetrain to enhance rotation control. Although the driveshaft links with the rest of the drivetrain, it is not directly connected to it. It needs a support mechanism that is separate from the drivetrain that will hold it in place. This is where the driveshaft support comes in. The driveshaft support is in charge of holding the driveshaft steady and keeping it properly aligned with the rest of the components in the drivetrain.

Some Porsche vehicles have had issues with the center bearing mount of their car. These vital mounts are constructed using rubber, which will deteriorate over time. The deterioration of the rubber is a result of vibration when the car is in motion, as well as the heating and cooling of the engine causing the rubber to expand and contract. If the center bearing mount problem is not detected early enough, the driveshaft will end up failing.

Signs of Driveshaft Malfunction

One of the signs that your driveshaft is failing or about to fail is a loud clunking or thumping noise from your car. This warning sign shows that the driveshaft has started separating from the worn-out center support mount. The clunking sound is heard when the loose driveshaft comes in contact with or rubs against other components in your car.

If the support mount is dried out, it will also start giving out a whining sound. A lack of lubrication or wear as a result of use can make the support mount crack and cause a driveshaft malfunction. The disintegration or breakage of the center support mount is the cause of driveshaft support failure in around 80% of the instances, although it’s not the only cause.

The CV joint might also become dry because of the increased friction; when this happens, there will be some grinding noise. If the problem gets worse, you may feel extreme shaking and lack of control while driving. As soon as you notice this, stop the car and have it towed to a reliable repair shop.

What to Do If Your Driveshaft Support Fails

If you suspect a problem with your driveshaft support, your only option is to take it to a competent and reliable auto repair shop. Let a skilled technician who is familiar with Porsche vehicles diagnose and fix the issue in your car.

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