Volvo is a Swedish multinational vehicle manufacturer that produces high-quality SUVs, station wagons, and sedan models. While these vehicles are made with quality in mind and are held to a higher standard than most, Volvos may experience many problems resulting in engine overheating.

The engine of a Volvo is an extremely delicate part of the vehicle that requires all moving parts surrounding it to work together to allow the vehicle to run efficiently. Almost all vehicles on the road today are equipped with a combustion engine. This requires a specific air-to-fuel ratio, allowing the spark plugs to ignite the mixture, leading the engine to start when you turn the key or push the start button on your Volvo.

The engine is made up of many moving parts including:

  • spark plug
  • valves
  • piston
  • piston rings
  • connecting rod
  • crankshaft

Common Causes of Engine Overheating

For the engine to work efficiently, it must operate at optimal temperatures, meaning it cannot get too cold or too hot. If the engine begins to overheat, it can cause cracks in the hoses, damage writing, and even get hot enough to warp metal. If this happens, it is catastrophic to your Volvo.

When the engine begins overheating, many other parts are at risk of damage. Below are common causes of engine overheating from the Grapevine experts:

Cooling system issues

The cooling system plays a vital role in keeping the engine at an optimal temperature. A few important parts of the cooling system include spark plugs, various hoses, the radiator, water pump, and coolant (antifreeze).

Coolant, mixed with water, flows throughout the various hoses, through the radiator, and other areas of the engine to ensure the engine remains at a cool temperature and prevents overheating. When one or more of these parts fail, such as cracked hoses or damage to the water pump, leaves the entire engine system at risk of overheating potentially causing serious engine damage.

A coolant leak can be identified by green, blue, or orange fluid with a sweet smell leaking, forming a puddle, beneath the vehicle or by visualizing the temperature gauge on the dashboard reading higher than normal.

Problems with the radiator

The radiator is the key component of the cooling system. Therefore, when this part fails, the engine is left to suffer extreme temperatures. The radiator is responsible for maintaining appropriate coolant levels flowing to the engine. As previously mentioned, without coolant the engine is left to suffer.

Insufficient fluid levels

Volvos require various fluids to maintain optimal function, such as engine oil, brake fluid, and coolant. The engine oil and coolant play a vital part in maintaining cool temperatures beneath the hood. When one or more of these fluids reaches an insufficient level, the engine is at risk of overheating. It is important that you routinely inspect the levels of fluids in your Volvo making sure the fluid is free from dirt and debris and is full.

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