Many car owners love Jaguar vehicles because not only is it an exotic and luxury brand known for having a stunning design, it generally provides a comfortable and smooth ride that sets it apart from other car brands. One of the features that allow this is the self-leveling suspension that is installed in the vehicle.

In a Jaguar vehicle, the suspension system function is to keep the vehicle above the ground at different levels at all times. It also absorbs the vibration felt from driving over potholes, bumps, and other defects on the road. The suspension generally provides comfort and a smooth driving experience.

In the Jaguar brand, the suspension used is the self-leveling suspension system that balances the height of the vehicle automatically according to the load weight in the vehicle. As the self-leveling suspension is key to the performance of the Jaguar brand, it must be regularly inspected and maintained.

Causes of Damage to the Self-Leveling Suspension

Any of the components that make up the self-leveling suspension may become damaged and this would pose a serious problem to the entire system. The general problem common in the self-leveling suspension is leaks.

  • Accumulators: In the accumulators, there are bladders made of rubber that are not easily seen. One of these bladders may tear and cause leaks.
  • Pump: Although the pump does not break down, it may have leaks which would cause problems in the self-leveling suspension. Also, the hose connecting the pump may develop a leak.
  • Struts: The strut can also start leaking although not very common.
  • Leveling Valve: A malfunction in this valve may lead to a serious problem. The leveling valve may start leaking internally and most of the time it is always difficult to locate the leak. It may also start leaking outside which is easy to detect.

Other causes include driving in bad road conditions such as potholes, bumps, and curbs.

Symptoms of a damaged Self-Leveling Suspension

When the self-leveling suspension is damaged it is evident in the following areas:

  • Lower Shock Absorption: When the shock absorption is normal, the vibration and impact felt when the car is driven over a rough road is reduced. If the self-leveling suspension is ineffective, the car would have a rougher than normal ride.
  • Lower Braking Power: A self-leveling suspension malfunction would cause the braking power of your Jaguar to be lower making it difficult to come to a halt. This would pose harm to the car, occupants, and everyone around the vehicle.

How to Prevent or Repair a Failed self-leveling Suspension

If you discover a fault in the self-leveling suspension of your Jaguar, it is important you stop the car to avoid more serious damage to the undercarriage, axles, and the other components of the suspension system. A malfunctioning self-leveling suspension will cause your Jaguar to tilt to one side more than the other.

To prevent malfunction of the self-leveling suspension, it is important to inspect all the visible components of the suspension frequently. Also, the levels of fluid in the car must be checked regularly and maintained. Lastly and more importantly, follow the maintenance schedule of your Jaguar model.

Import Car Center will Fix Your Failed self-leveling Suspension

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* Jaguar XJ Car image credit goes to: kurmyshov.

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