The proper functioning of your Volvo’s steering system depends on the proper functioning of the power steering system. One of the components of this unit is the tie rod. The tie rods help connect each outer edge of the power steering system to the center of your car.

Driving your Volvo with a failing tie rod can be dangerous. It is critical to know the possible signs and causes of a failing tie rod in your Volvo to avoid dangers to yourself and your passengers. Below are some of the signs that indicate your Volvo may be experiencing tie rod failure.

The front wheel alignment is off

Whenever you notice that your vehicle’s alignment is off, the issue may be that your tie rod is wearing out. Before taking your Volvo for alignment adjustment, you can first check to see if your tie rod is worn out. Our trusted mechanics will also perform this for you.

Having your alignment done without considering the state of the tie rod may cause the vehicle to go out of alignment again if the issue was caused by a defective tie rod. If the tie rod is the cause, we will ensure that it is fixed or replaced before adjusting the alignment.

Shaking steering wheel

Your Volvo’s tie rod is responsible for holding together everything that connects the wheels and the steering wheels. When your Volvo’s steering wheel starts to shake, or you notice that any point between the steering wheel to the tires system is shaking, it may be due to a malfunctioning tie rod.

If the shaking is not apparent but you notice vibrations when driving, it is still advisable to get your tie rods checked. The vibrations may also be due to an issue with the wheel, tires, or suspension. So it is best to take your vehicle to a Volvo technician to have the issue examined for a proper diagnosis.

Uneven and excessive tire wear

One of the signs of a faulty tie rod in your Volvo may be uneven wear on your tires. Although your Volvo’s tires wear out when used over time, the wear on the treads should be even. Uneven and excessive wear on your Volvo’s tires could be that the alignment is off or defective tie rod.

When replacing a worn-out tire, you should look out for uneven wear on the tread. If that is the case, you should endeavor to get your Volvo’s alignment and tie rod examined.

Vehicle drifting to one side when driving

An obvious sign of tie rod issue in your Volvo is if you notice that your wheel is centered, but your car is drifting to a side of the road. Your vehicle may not be correctly aligned, which could result from damage to the tie rods. You may experience difficulty driving in a straight line when your Volvo’s tie rod or alignment is bad.

Cause of Tie Rod Failure

Your Volvo’s tie rod may fail due to the following reasons:

  • Constant use: As expected, a car’s tie rods and other parts may fail over time due to regular use, and your Volvo is no exception. When the tie rod wears out, it should be replaced to prevent any harm that may occur from driving with a faulty one.
  • Driving through rough terrain: Tie rod failure and misalignment of your Volvo’s wheel may occur when driving through rough terrain. Your tie rod is also connected to your vehicle’s suspension system, and an issue with the suspension system may affect your Volvo’s steering system.

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