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Emissions Control Oxygen Sensor The oxygen sensor measures the level of oxygen in a vehicle’s exhaust gas produced by the engine combustion process. The power train Control Module (PCM) uses the information provided by the module to determine the correct air to fuel ratio for the engine. Located in the exhaust system, the sensor enables the engine timing and fuel injection to function efficiently, facilitating emissions control. A failing oxygen sensor negatively impacts emissions… Read More

Hybrid Battery Conditioning | Auto Repair in Grapevine, TX

Hybrid automobiles are experiencing an increase in popularity, but it is the high cost of new batteries that turns many buyers away. Potential buyers do not realize the battery pack is often warranted for covered replacement for as much as 100,000 miles, depending on the manufacturer. With proper maintenance, hybrids can easily exceed 100,000 miles. The money you can save is a good reason to consider a hybrid or electric vehicle. Furthermore, there is… Read More

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A check engine light is among the most common of complaints, car owners can have. The situation is not any easier for owner’s due to modern vehicles featuring more computer controlled and/or monitored systems than ever before. The advantage is your car is self-testing these systems every time you start your vehicle. In addition, while you are operating your car, it is consistently checking these systems, and when a problem is detected, the check… Read More

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Import Car Center is a full service and repair center for luxury, import, domestic, and European automobiles. We offer the latest state-of-the-art equipment for the diagnosis, testing, and repair of your car with the highest standards of automotive services utilized. We employ ASE certified mechanics fully trained and experienced in a wide variety of makes and models. Our mechanics provides the industry expertise and the personal dedication to customer service, with an honesty and… Read More

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Flood Damaged Cars Car damaged due to floods experience catastrophic damage, and damage that can continue as time goes on. Reporting a car damaged by flooding is a requirement, and it should show up on a vehicle history report and when the VIN is checked. In addition to obtaining these reports, it is always a good investment to have a trusted mechanic check out the used car you are interested in, including for signs… Read More