When to Schedule Your Auto Repair | Grapevine, TX

Photo By mimagephotography at Shutterstock If you own a vehicle it’s important that you are taking care of the general maintenance to make sure that it’s going to keep running the way you expect. You want to make sure you’re following each of these tips and also be careful about sticking to a schedule. Oil Change Oil changes are intended to be done every 3,000 to 7,000 miles, depending on the specific vehicle that… Read More

Do You Need Auto Repair Service for Your Import Car? | Keller, TX

Photo By Mr.Louis at Shutterstock Are you looking for import car auto repair services that you can rely on in Keller, TX? You should bring your vehicle to the Import Car Center. We have experts who can comfortably repair a variety of cars which include BMWs, Audis, Land Rovers, Volkswagens, and other European vehicles. With the many car repair centers that you can find, you may have a hard time making your decision. Do not… Read More

Simple Tips to Prevent Auto Repair | Grapevine, TX

Photo By ESB Professional at Shutterstock If you own a car in Grapevine, TX you already know just how expensive it can be to keep up with its maintenance and repair needs. But did you know there are some things that you could be doing to reduce the chances of needing auto repair? Well, there are definitely several things that you should be following and we’re going to go over the most important (and easiest)… Read More

8 Steps to Finding the Right Auto Repair Shop | Southlake, TX

Photo By goodluz at Shutterstock Finding an auto repair shop that you can trust is extremely important, as any car owner will tell you. You want to make sure you’re going to someone that can get the job done right and that will do it for a fair price. But finding someone like that can mean putting in a little bit of time and effort. After all, you wouldn’t trust just anyone with your vehicle… Read More

Tips for Luxury Car Auto Repair | Southlake, TX

Photo By cla78 at Shutterstock Owning a luxury car is not something that a lot of people can boast, and owning one of these beauties can give you another level of high. For people who love cars and are passionate about them, owning a luxury car is a dream. But then, what you have to care about is the fact that a luxury car needs to be maintained and taken care of properly at… Read More