When most people hear the word Audi, they think of highly-engineered vehicles. Performance and technology are just a couple of advantages when you own the Audi brand. Those who drive on roads in North Texas will understand that no matter how well built a car is, potholes and other hazards can quickly find your car in the shop for an alignment. In this article, we will discuss the different reasons your Audi may need an alignment and what to do in the event it happens.

The Breakdown of an Alignment

When an Audi or any vehicle comes off of the assembly line, the suspension and steering system are calibrated to allow for a straight and smooth ride. Over time, issues can arise with your Audi that will cause your Alignment to need an adjustment.

Signs an Audi Needs Alignment

Knowing what to look for in alignment issues is important. Ignoring a needed alignment to your Audi could end up costing a large sum of money in major repairs if the problem is ignored. Below are a few signs that your Audi needs an alignment by professional technicians.

  • Uneven tire wear: Not only will tires wear unevenly when your car is out of alignment, but they will wear fast. Tires are designed to travel in one direction. If your Audi has alignment issues, the tires will effectively be sliding against the asphalt as you travel down the road. This will cause the tread on part of the tires to wear off while the rest of the tread is left untouched. Tires that are meant to last thousands of miles will need to be changed in only a few hundred miles.
  • Pulling and drifting: One of the most pronounced signs that your Audi needs an alignment is when the car pulls to one side or the other. This is usually noticeable when holding on to the steering wheel. In extreme cases, the driver is constantly pulling away from the direction the car is drifting.
  • Crooked steering wheel: When driving straight along a roadway, your steering wheel should be level in front of you. If the steering wheel is tilted to one side while driving straight, you need to have your car checked for alignment issues.

When any of these signs appear, it is important to have your Audi taken to a certified technician who has been trained in the proper alignment of your car’s suspension and steering system. If the car is allowed to continue operation, expensive repairs will ensue.

Causes of Poor Alignment

There are several reasons your Audi’s alignment needs to be repaired. Let’s go over the different reasons that will cause you to bring in your Audi for an alignment:

  • Poor road conditions: As mentioned earlier, poor road conditions are one of the largest reasons vehicles will end up needing an alignment. When a car drives through a pothole or any other road defect that shocks the system, it can cause damage.
  • Running into curves: Another common reason for needing an alignment is when drivers take turns too short and allow a wheel to strike a curb. Doing this will throw your alignment out of center.
  • Worn parts: Over time all mechanical parts wear. Your suspension and steering system is made up of multiple components. When damage or wear occurs, the alignment on your Audi will eventually need repair.
  • Having an accident: When a vehicle is involved in a collision, especially on the front end of the car, it will usually require a professional alignment.

Ways to Avoid Needing an Alignment

There is not too much you can do about road conditions other than watching ahead while driving to miss obstacles. Taking wide turns to help prevent hitting curbs that damage your alignment.

One thing that is important to prevent expensive repairs to your Audi is to have it serviced regularly. Damaged components within the car’s system can be found during servicing and prevent more costly repairs later.

Who to Trust With Your Audi’s Service and Alignment

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